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  • **Correct Rio Grande Models etc** -updated

    Many of us have a set of books at home to help us identify what our favorite RR owned with roster shots in color. For example, I have Jim Eager's Rio Grande Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment. This book had pictures almost every class or passenger and freight cars owned by the Rio Grande and has been an invaluable resource for my building a roster of "reasonably correct" Rio Grande freight cars.

    Please share in this thread any models you've identified to "match" real cars in our books or photo's. I know I need many many other road freight cars to accurately represent bridge traffic, but it is a crap shoot to go buy other railroad models because a high percentage are "fantasy". Many of us would like to avoid buying models of freight cars which never existed.

    Please note, this list isn't about "rivit counting" - but rather an aid to finding models which are "pretty close" matches to real cars. I have some models which are "stand-in's" too, meaning there isn't anything available in plastic which is a correct match. Stand-in's are models which have the general look of a particular freight car, but really repesents something made by another manufacturer etc. An example of one stand in is the Details West combo door box car which have the general look of the Evan's 50' combo door box car. I have some various stand-ins biding time, until someone makes a better match... I'd mentioned a few cases in my list where that is the case.

    Rio Grande HO models which are close/correct with dates purchased & main usage:


    - Proto 2000 PS-2CD 4427 cuft high side 3-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW '67 & 3/68 barley & petroleum coke)

    - Wathers 50' 4800 cuft 2 compartment airslide covered hopper (orange D&RGW 11/71), gray D&RGW-ends are slightly different, 8/69 sugar beats)

    - Walthers PS-2CD 4427 cuft 3-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 1964 potash)

    - Concor PS2 3-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 1959 cement)

    - Athearn PS-2CD 4740 cuft 3-bay covered hopper (orange D&RGW 7/71 gain & minerals), gray was bogus)

    - Athearn 52' ACF CF5250 3-bay covered hopper (orange large D&RGW 3/73 gain) incorrectly has the angle iron stiffener - alternative is to use Accurail's car and convert to 4-bays and replace roof walk with older style

    - MDC FMC 4700 cuft 3-bay low hip 3-bay covered hopper (orange D&RGW 11/73 grain)

    - Intermountain PS 4750 cuft 3-bay covered hopper (orange D&RGW '74,'79 wheat,barley,potash,perlite)

    - Kadee PS2 2003 cuft 2-bay covered cement car (gray D&RGW 2/56 & 12/56 cement ) Atlas's model is a close stand-in

    - Front Range ACF CF2980 2-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 7/77 cement) decorating by FR is wrong for this class car.

    - Intermountain ACF CF2980 2-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 7/77 cement)

    - KATO PS/GA 1958 cuft 2-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 1946 & 5/49 cement) gray is on the dark side

    - Bowser PS 1958 cuft 2-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW)

    - Eastern Car Works/Con-Cor/Walthers 2600 cuft single compartment Airslide


    - Stewart 3-bay Bethlehem 70-ton 12 & 14 panel (black small D&RGW 14P 1957/58, 12P 1960/62/66)

    - Bowser 3-bay 100-ton built by C&O Raceland shops (reporting marks only - no stacked logo, acquired 2nd hand in 1990 from UMP)

    - Wathers 4-bay Bethlehem 100-ton hopper (D&RGW small logo 5/64, large logo 1968/69/71/74&75)

    - Bachman Silver series 3-bay covered hopper (wrong paint scheme - should be restincled plain cars, ex-N&W, acquire 2nd hand-date? Ex-UMP, same as C&O built cars. Model is almost two feet short in length.)

    - MDC Thrall hi-side gondola (close to joint UP/D&RGW Kaiser coal train cars 5/69, D&RGW owned only 5, UP owned 95 - also second-hand ex-COPX, DJJX, KCS, OGEX and PLMX coal gons.)

    - Walthers 4000 cuft Bethlehem triple (once they come out) for the

    ex-AEPX cars and a very close stand-in for the ex-WP cars.


    - Athearn 86' Greenville 4-door auto box car, two 10ft plug doors per side (orange large D&RGW logo 11/69 Ford service) Athearns car is welded but the prototype is rivited.

    - Athearn 86' Thrall 4-door auto box car, four 10ft plug doors per side (brown small logo 6/64, large logo 5/67 Fort parts pool) Athearn car has wheel wells, prototype had straight side sill.

    - Walthers 86' PS 8-door auto box car (dark brown small D&RGW logo 7/66 GM parts, sold to UP in 1972)

    - Atlas 60' ACF double door auto box car (brown large D&RGW logo 1966/70 GM parts, most to UP 1972)

    - Walthers 60' single door PS auto box car (dark brown small D&RGW logo 1965/66)

    - Athearn Genesis 60' Berwick waffle box car (brown large D&RGW 12/78)

    - Athearn Genesis 50' PC&F 10'6" door box car (orange D&RGW 2/72) tack board wrong position, but very close otherwise.

    - Eel River 60' PC&F RBL box car (orange D&RGW 4/72 beer service) needs flat roof and fill in side sill notches to styrups).

    - Walthers 50' FGE RBL single plug door box cars (orange D&RGW 7/71)

    - Walthers 50' North American RBL flat rivited sides (orange D&RGW owned 1965-1972) roof is thick

    - Walthers 50' North American RBL w/ rivited exterior post sides (not offered in RG paint)

    - Athearn Genesis 50' NACC (same as above Walthers car but finer model)

    - Details West/Athearn 50' Evans combo door box car (orange large D&RGW 1968 general service, wallboard & forrest products) incorrect but close stand-in

    - Kadee 50 PS dd box car (brown small D&RGW logo 1957, most sold to MA&PA in 1977, autoparts)

    - Intermountain 40' PS single door box car (brown small D&RGW leased 350 2nd hand cars in 1966)

    - E&C Shops/LBF 50' Gunderson Hi-cube Dread Naught ends boxcar (light orange D&RGW 1967)

    - Branchline 50' North American single plug door box car (D&RGW GARX orange, black ends, silver roof, black lettering, green corner stripe. Early improved dreadnaught ends, overhanging diagonal panel roof, Blt 1954,1968 reweigh.

    - MDC 50' North American single plug door box car (D&RGW NITX 3/64)

    - Westerfield 66000-67499 series 40ft composite wood & steel truss

    boxcar built by Pullman (not PS!) in 1916. These lasted in company

    service into the 1980s!

    - C&BT Shops 12-panel 40ft boxcar. (Change the side sill and you are

    95% there for the 67500-67999 series.)

    - High Tech PS 40ft high cube appliance boxcars, + Microscale decal set

    - Front Range 50ft single 8ft door boxcar (notch side sill to match

    64000-64099 series. (Branchline does a notched-sill model, but it

    has a 9ft door.)

    - Modeler's Choice ACF 50' combo door 63300-63499 series Precision Design box cars

    - Modeler's Choice GATC 63000-63099 & 63200-63299 series box cars

    (ALL 40' cookie boxes produced in plastic are bogus to date, no one makes the straight side sill Pressed Steel box car yet)


    - MDC 52' Thrall Gon (Railgon with D&RGW restincel acuired 306 cars 2nd hand 1987 for coil steel and sheet metal)

    - Walthers 52' Thrall gon (D&RGW orange 1/73, 1/77 & black 5/69) middle 2 ribs are incorrectly spaced and the third panel from each end is too narrow but otherwise very close match to at least one series of orange cars. Be aware that many of Rio Grandes Thrall gons had more 5 ribs at the ends and differ a bit more from the Walthers model.

    - Walthers 65' Thrall gon (D&RGW black 6/68 US Steel at Geneva service) this is the only RR I've identified the Walthers car to be correct for.

    - Eastern Car Works 65' Mill gon (D&RGW black 1939 & 1948) close match to Pressed Steel cars

    - Red Caboose GS gon is pretty close for 46000-46499 series

    - Modeler's Choice is doing a kit for the 30220-30244 Darby 65-footers

    - Modeler's Choice is planning kits for 56100-56124 & 56125-56274

    series, 56275-56374 series, and 56375-56424 series Thralls, and

    possibly the 56425-56474 ICCs and 56000-56009 Gundersons.


    - Walthers W&K bi-level TTGX (D&RGW orange 6/79)

    - Walthers W&K tri-level (D&RGW orange date?)

    *Both are actually 1980s Thrall designs based on the W&K design. The earliest Grande trilevel dates I have are 1977, making them slightly different W&K racks.

    - Accurail Paragon bi-level open rack on PS flush deck flat TTBX (orange action road herald 1974)

    - brass Ver-A-Pac autorack (orange and brown D&RGW 6/72) The superstructures were built by St. Louis Car (1st order) and Whitehead & Kales (2nd & 3rd orders); the flats were built by ACF and PS.

    - Accurail PS 89' flush deck flat car (TTX yellow D&RGW marks -ex WP 1985)

    - Athearn PS 85' straight side sill piggy back flat (black D&RGW 2/63 COFC & later pipe service with side stakes)

    - Walthers 50' GSC flat cars with bulkheads (black D&RGW 3/65 wallboard) some set up for plate steel, later some had bulkheads removed

    - Proto 2000 50' ACF flat car (D&RGW black 1956) It is actually closer to the 22000-22199 series built by the Grande in 1944. BTW, the 1956 ACF cars had silver lettering when delivered.

    - Walthers 89ft Bethlehem tofc flat, good for 21700-21759 after

    removal of autoracks.

    - Overland 89ft ACF flush-deck tofc/cofc flat, good for 105004-105049

    ex-PW cars.

    Southern Pacific & Cotton Belt Freight cars

    - Athearn Genesis 50' PC&F 10'6" door box car

    - Athearn Genesis 50' PC&F 14' door box car (SP & Cotton Belt)

    - Athearn Genesis 50' PC&F 8'+6' door box car (SP & Cotton Belt)

    - Intermountain FMC 5283 cu ft double door box car (future release)

    - Walthers 52' mill gon - perfect match for a class of 100 SP gondola's.

    - E&C/LBF 50' Hi-cube box car, perfect for last last new SP box cars (1996)

    - E&C/LBF 50' ACF CF5525 double door 8'+8' Youngstown sliding doors

    - E&C/LBF 50' FMC CF5244 double door 8'+8' Youngstown sliding doors

    - Walthers twin aggregate hoppers

    - Red Caboose SP 53ft flat

    - Eel River PC&F 62' SP and SSW beer cars

    - Atlas 60ft autoparts cars

    - Genesis PS 60ft autoparts car

    - LBF/E&C 50ft highcube Gunderson dbl plug boxcar

    - Atlas and InterMountain CF4650 Center Flows

    Burlington Northern

    - Intermountain CF4750 3-bay covered hopper (BN original logo, BN left side newer logo)

    - Intermountain P-S 5277 (Ex-Frisco only)

    - Intermountain P-S 60' Boxcar

    - Walthers 2600 cuft single compartment Airslide

    - Walthers 2-bay airslide hopper

    - Walthres 62' Thrall Mill Gon

    - Walthers 72' Centerbeam flat car

    - MDC 50' double door box car (not a confirmed match but very close)

    - MDC 50' bulk head flat car

    - Front Range/McKean 62' Centerbeam flat car

    Other RR identified correct models

    - MDC 50' FMC centered DD boxcar (WP's were lower Plate B cars but otherwise a very good stand-in.)

    - MDC 50' mill gon (Railgon GONX)

    - Athearn 57' Reefer PFE orange & white, UPFE, SP white (color logo) WFE green

    - E&C/LBF 52' mill gondola correct for MP & UP

    - Athearn Impac spine car (5-unit), actually correct for TTX and various roads

    - Walthers spine car (5-unit) only correct for TTX, all others fantasy

    - Walthers Front Runner (4-Runner sets are not correct, but make decent stand-ins)


    - 45' Accurail Brae (SP Golden Pig Service, BN, Trans America, CNW, FEC and ICG, plus Miller and Dorsey made similar 45x102 vans, but Availco (preferred Pool/45/102)

    had no Breas, only Fruehaufs and Trailmobiles)

    - 45' Atlas Pines (CC&P, CSX, KB&S, Redon, N&S, Xtra Intermodal, Xtra Lease)

    - 45' Athearn Freuhauf (Rio Grande, SP Golden Pig, Perferred 45, Preferred Pool, Xtra)

    * Accurail represents the Brae & very early Stoughton 45' trailers

    * Atlas represents an accurate Pines 45' trailer (beware-BN,KCS,Milw,Pref Pool,SF & SP are all bogus)

    * Athearn 45' trailers is a good stand-in for the Freuhauf trailer but not accurate (only A-lines Freuhauf is accurate - comes in both 40 & 45' trailers)

    * Walthers makes accurate 45 & 48' Stoughton trailers - many are correct, some are bogus)

    ** others maybe correct but I have not verified them

    I will add more to this list as I have time or identify more models.

    please, those of you who are fans of other railroads, please list the models you've identified as correct matches to actual cars owned by that RR. This will be a good resource to all of us. Thanks!