I am looking into getting a group together to purchase the

Lost engines of Roanoke http://lostengines.railfan.net/

Initally I am trying to find if there are enough people

who are willing to spend some time working on this project.

Phase One consists of the following:

Getting enough people into the group to help with the legwork


If only a few people are interested then it will be very hard or


the more people who we can get into the core group the eaiser it will


for each person.

We need a Non Profit organization set up.I do not know what it will

take or cost but I am looking into it at the University where I

work.We have a Law School so

I can ask one of our law professors about how to set it up.

Check out the web site on the lost engines and see if you or anyone

you know

may be able to help. With enough people in the core group it can be


Please reply to me with the subject lost engines

Andrew Martin