Photo sharing is an important feature and advantage to membership here on RR-L. However, we realize that posting photos can be a confusing procedure, especially for new members who are not familiar with how the forum software works. As a result, I have written this step-by-step tutorial. Hopefully, it will help everyone who would like to post a photo and share their work with other members.

Please be aware that this tutorial does not address the uploading/downloading of photos from remote servers such as personal websites or photo hosting services. It also does not address setting up a Photo Album using the Forums' Photo Album software. (If you want to establish a photo album but do not see your user name listed in the Album area, please leave a note for Joe in the Admin Forum. He can set one up for you.)

The instructions below pertain only to those who have photo files in jpg or jpeg format stored on their computer's hard disk drive.

Also, please be aware of the following requirements imposed by the Forums' software: your photo file must be no larger than 80kb. The photo's file name should not contain any punctuation marks (such as commas, apostrophes, or quotation marks) and should not contain any spaces. Use a period or a dash instead of a space in the file name or run all of the words together to make one"maroon">

STEP 1:id="red">Bring up the "Posting Form" window. (This is the window where you type replies to topics and post them.) Type in whatever information you wish about your photo. See the graphic below:

STEP 2:id="red"> Click on the "Insert a File" button under the message window.

STEP 3:id="red"> You should now see the "Browse" window. When you click on the "Browse" button, the software will take you to your computer's hard drive. From there, navigate to the folder where you have stored your photo files (in jpg and 80kb or smaller!)

STEP 4:id="red"> Select the photo you want to upload to your post. (NOTE: I deliberately did not include a graphic for this part. I use a Mac running OS X 10.3, and the file structure/dialogs would probably confuse those of you who use a PC/Windows.) After you have selected your photo's file name, the software will take you back to the "Browse" window, where the name of your photo is now displayed. Click on "Upload File to your name's Post."

STEP 5:id="red"> After you have clicked on the "Upload File" button, you should see a message indicating that your file was successfully received. Click on the "Click here to Close" line. You should now be taken back to the message posting window, where some text has been added to your message.

STEP 6:id="red"> At this point you must make a decision. If you want your post to display only a link to your photo so that the photo itself opens in a separate window, you are finished. Click on the "Post New Topic" or "Post Reply""maroon"> The next window you see should look similar to the graphic below:

If, however, you want the photo to be shown directly in the posting with your message, you have some more work to do. So do not click on the "Post New Topic" or "Post Reply" button"maroon">

STEP 7:id="red"> In the message window, click and drag (highlight) the text you see in the graphic below. You will be highlighting everything from the first letter in the line up to and including the quotation mark before the "h" in http. Study the graphic below carefully.

STEP 8:id="red"> Replace the highlighted text with img placed within square brackets. Note in the graphic below that I deliberately highlighted the change to make it easier to see.

STEP 9:id="red"> Starting with the quotation mark after the "jpg" in your photo's file name, highlight all the rest of the text, as shown in the graphic below.

STEP 10:id="red"> Replace all of the highlighted text with /img enclosed within square brackets, as shown in the graphic below. Again, I have deliberately highlighted the change to make it easy to see.

STEP 11:id="red"> You are finished! Click on the "Post New Topic" or "Post Reply" button. Enjoy seeing your photo embedded with your post.