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  • Detailed Z Layout

    I don't know if any of you have seen this, but it's impressive (at least it is to me). The scenery detail is incredible.

    Most of the details can be reached by a click or two from his home page:

    Amazing what he's done at that scale.

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    Very nice modeling indeed!


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      I agree that is some very impressive modeling.

      I could not possibly work in a scale that small as I struggle to work in HO.
      <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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        Wow! What scale do you model Halieus?


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          At this point, unfortunately, none.

          I joined the Model RR Forums for tips from the finescalers: I volunteered to be part of a team that will build a lifelike scale model of my church's new building. (Model to be built in next 6 months, real building in the next 3-5 years.) One of the guys (an architectual engineer) wanted to build a cardboard model and tape & glue paper to the base, top, and sides and call that a model. :yuck: :erm: :crazy:

          When I first joined the MRF, I was only part of the building "team" for the model, I've since been "elected" as the leader; so it will be a real model. (Right now I'm planning on scratch building it with parts from IHC's HO scale Colonial Church... windows, doors, and steeple.)

          When the model is finished, I'd like to start my own modeling in earnest. I had several train sets as a kid, and would like to have something pretty far along for when my son is old enough to play with them with me. (He's only 5 months, so I have some time before I have to hand over my controls.)

          My wife has mentioned how [:-bouncy] "nice it would be to have a trainset up in time for (this) Christmas," [:-bouncy] so I need to pick a scale and go with it. My preference would be smaller than HO (maybe TT, preferably N or Z) for "space-constraint" reasons, but I'm thinking she would be more likely to let me "indulge" a little more if I build in TT, HO, or #1... we'll see what I can wangle.

          I'll probly be hanging around these forums for awhile. Right now I'm trying to read thru all of the past Finescale, Scratch Building, and Layout Design Forums' posts for building, painting, detailing, and other tips. I like small scale quite a bit tho, so I'm reading thru this forum too just "because."

          So that's the "detailed" short answer

          Matt Williamson

          PS...the avatar is my son, Caleb [:-spin]


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            All the scales are good, although I have a preferance for N Scale. HO might work best for that under tree layout but N will work OK I think if you use Kato Unitrack. N is great for modeling rairoads and HO is great for modeling equipment. N has come a long way in quality and detail in the last 15 years. We don't have as much product available, particularly in stream but we are getting there. N is the fastest growing scale.

            Keep us up to date on the progress of your church model!

            You son looks like a real future modeler!


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              Halieus, having been born and raised in Ft. Liquordale I can honestly say south Fla. is a great place to be from! Not a great place to be at, but a great place to be from!