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    Walthers has announced a Pullman Standard passenger car which is a copy of one used by the Rio Grande up until the end of the 1960's. Anytime a plastic passenger car comes out which is a copy of your faverite RR, it is a rare occasion and a reason to rejoince. The car will be based on the 8 chair cars purchased by the Rio Grande in 1950.

    From the Color Guide book by Jim Eager:

    Rio Grande "was able to assume some of the production slots of an overly optimistic C&O order at Pullman Standard and obtained 25 cars, enough to reequip not only the PROSPECTOR, but most of the ROYAL GORGE as well, and at volume prices to boot. All of the cars were delivered in 1950 and featured fluted stainless steel lower sides and underframe skirts, Grande Gold window bands with four black stripes, silver roofs, and black trucks and underbody equipment, although these were later repainted silver.

    The PROSPECTOR (trains 7/8) ran on an overnight schedule between Denver and Salt Lake City via the Moffat TUnnel, but it was combined with the ROYAL GORGE (trains 1/2) west of Grand Junction. Numbers 1/2 continued to operate with some occasional heavyweight equipment between Denver and Grande Junction via Pueblo and the Arkansas River over the Tennessee Pass main line until the train was cut back to Salida in December, 1964. The PROSPECTOR was discontinued in May, 1967, while the ROYAL GORGE was dropped entirely in July of that year."

    D&RGW 1241-1247 Coach series: The eight Pullman-built coaches were used on both the PROSPECTOR and the ROYAL GORGE from the start. Trains 7 and 8 carried one or two each, while the remaining cars were used in the consist of trains 1 and 2, supplimented by three ex-C&O dome coaches and moderinzed heavy weight cars as required.

    In 1951 car 1240 was rebuilt into busines car 100 (2nd), reducing the fleet to seven cars. All were sold off after the PROSPECTOR was dropped, with the 1241, 1242, 1243, 1245, and 1246 going to the Delaware & Hudson in late 1967, while the 1244 and 1247 went to the Penn Central in 1970." These cars also saw use on the Yampa Valley Mail and were occasionally head end cars for special runs on the California Zephyr in the late 1970's.

    Based on this information, Walthers would be able to paint these PS coaches in at least 4 schemes prototypically: Rio Grande 4-stripe, Rio Grande single stripe, Delaware & Hudson and The Penn Central.

    The Yampa Valley Mail would best be modeled in the late 1960's (my needs) by these coaches, but even better by the ex-C&O dome-chair cars (only available in brass from PCC at high price) and one of the PS RPO's or Combines. I have been fortunate enought to obtain two of the PCC Combines (Baggage/Dorm/Chair), one is the skirted version (pre-1972) and the other is the de-skirted version with the blanked out dorm windows (post-1975). However, with the nickle plated sides, they might not match well with a plastic painted coach.

    Rio Grande The Action Road

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      Paul, a bump is when you post another reply to get the topic date updated and up on the list. The default for the forum is like 30 days, so if a topic gets older than that, it doesn't show up - unless you manually change your listing dates to a longer period.

      Cheers, Jim ...