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Here's SUNDAY!!!

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  • Here's SUNDAY!!!

    Hmmm,first up again.Well we got fresh coffee (both reg and decaf) tea water 's on the stove. Got domuts and bagels for everybody.

    It's a beautiful day here in Sliver City.I hope it is wherever you are.

    Have a GREAT one.
    Johnathan (Catt) Edwards

    100% Michigan made

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    Good morning all

    Well another fine day here in Connecticut.

    Too bad that I will not be able to enjoy it as I am headed to work. :erm:

    Just time to grab a quick coffee and a bagel as I head out the door.

    Have a great day one and all.
    <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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      Morning Everyone,

      Nice morning here in the Southwest, but headed for a hot day. Temps are expected in 100's.

      Spent time on the challenge project yesterday. I can see the end soon.

      Everyone have a good day,



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        Good morning from Northern NJ. Another fine day ahead. Some coffee and a bagel will hit the spot as I sit planning the day's activities. We have some last minute cleaning up to do in preparation of having all our furniture moved into the garage tomorrow morning. That includes dismantling the computer tonight.[:-cry] The hardwood floor guys arrive Tuesday morning. I doubt I will get much modeling done over the next week. :down: Then, it is move everything back into the rooms, etc., etc. :crazy: I'm going to need some solace--a new kit might do!



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          Good morning folks,

          Spent a great day at the beach yesterday. Everybody got sunburned even though we had sunscreen applied. We left early in the morning to get down to Wildwood Crest and got home late. The drive normally takes about 2 hours 15 minutes, but going down it took nearly three hours. There was a bad accident on I-95 in Chester which meant we had to take the old way to get to the Commodore Barry Bridge across the Delaware River. When we go down to the shore we take the old way. I don’t like the new expressway Route 55 because it ends about 30 miles short of anywhere and dumps you onto a two lane country road. Also the route follows much of the old PRSL. Every so often we see CSX trains as we travel. Along the way we had to detour again because of a serious accident on the Delsea Drive in Franklinville. Once we got to the beach we couldn’t get the kids out of the water. At dinner we walked the boardwalk in Wildwood and ate at a restaurant there and bought a few souvenirs. If all goes well we will do it again in two weeks.

          I guess you know I didn’t do any modeling last night.

          I hope everybody has a good day.


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            Good morning, everyone. You too, Rusty. And yes, mhd, also.

            It's a beautiful morning here in the Ozarks. I thought I'd take a nice, long ride on the SeaDoo this morning, but by the time I got to the 7 mile marker on the main channel of the lake (about 15 miles from where I live) the big boats were already out. The water was so rough as a result that I turned back. [:-gnasher] I guess I'm going to have to start getting on the water before 7:30! [:-grumpy]

            I worked on my "Challenge" project for a while last evening. I'm at a point where progress is temporarily slow, so it's hard to see that any progress has been made.

            Well, that's enough for today. Have a good day, everyone. You too, the rest of you.


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              Good morning Railroad-Line Crew and Mold Mike too! So, Tom, did you enjoy the beach? [:-jester]

              Youngest son is down for the weekend as he has a corporate meeting just south of here on Tuesday. He's starting to get interested in model railroading so we did a tour of the local hobby shops yesterday. Unfortunately that didn't help give him enthusiasim as they are fairly laim in model railroading stuff. He also watched me do some white metal casting. So what he's settling for is some dioramas and probably me building them for him! Right, like I got enough time to build my own.

              I'm having DSL installed next Saturday and will have five static IP addresses. This means I'll be hosting my own website before long and also our own POP Email server. I keep saying I want to get out of computers, right!

              I haven't seen MY rendition of Quincy's yet from Brett. He did tell me it was going to ship back in May I think so it might be here any day.[:-jester]

              Everyone have a great day at the beach, except Tom and his bunch of lobsters. Oh, you to Mikey!


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                Good morning all, sunny, warm and slightly humid here, nothing unusual really!

                Not much to report on the modelling front lately, been too busy on the rest of the house.

                Went out yesterday to buy pool chemicals and bought my wife a Sebring Convertible instead! [:O] Spent most of this morning cleaning out the garage so she would have somewhere to park it!


                Building the first trans-Atlantic Railroad


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                  Originally posted by MikeB

                  Went out yesterday to buy pool chemicals and bought my wife a Sebring Convertible instead! [:O] Spent most of this morning cleaning out the garage so she would have somewhere to park it!

                  Love those Sebring convertibles, Mike. I had a Le Baron convertible for 5 years, and a Sebring was tops on my new car list as the Le Baron's replacement. Unfortunately, as much fun as they are to drive to the lake, they are no fun once you're on dry, dusty lake roads - especially if another car is ahead of you. [xx(] And I needed more space to haul "stuff," so the Le Baron got replaced with a gas-eating SUV instead. [:I]


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                    Funny, I had the Dodge 600 convertable, I'm poorer than Mike and Mike! But that was a fun car. It was candy apple red with a white top. Had dark burgandy interior and matching boot. Got many complements on that car. Kept it stored in Winter so it was like a getting a new car every Spring. Sorry I sold it as it still had original top and even exhaust system. Oh well so it goes.


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                      The Le Baron and Dodge 600 are both pretty nice cars. We have been talking about a new car for a couple of years, things came together recently and we went ahead and started hunting, we needed something fun, fairly practical and with space for a teen in the back. The soft-top Sebring fitted the bill perfectly. We pick it up tomorrow.

                      Played trains for a while this afternoon! [:-basketball]


                      Building the first trans-Atlantic Railroad