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Beware of this person on eBay!!

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  • Beware of this person on eBay!!

    Stephen L. Parker


    Really does not do a good job of describing the product that is being sold and when you try to communicate with him he threatens to turn you in to eBay for harassment. Acts as if the bad descriptions are the buyers fault for not reading between the lines???

    I will admit, I ask a hard question but at least I should get a response and not just a refusal to bid on this person's products.

    Darnedest thing I have ever seen.

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    Bill, I had a similar deal after buying and receiving the product I noticed it wasn't what was pictured on the auction. I contacted him and he switched the pictures (he hosted them) then said I should have read the description.

    Well for every 10 honest ones there seems to be one dis-honest seller. Watch their feedback that will give you a clue. Needless to say the guy above was given a poor grade and that hurts.

    I've had other sellers really go the extra mile to rectify a small problem so they don't get negative feedback.