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It's Saturday! What's on.... your mind?

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  • It's Saturday! What's on.... your mind?

    Good morning, everyone. You too, Rusty.

    There's a dozen donuts on the table over there, and the coffee's hot. Just help yourself, only be sure to rinse your cup before you leave.

    So what are you up to today? Yard mowing? Honey-do's? A little modeling? As for myself, I've got a little of each planned... if it stops raining long enough for things to dry out. Plus, I need to spend some time at a few web sites ordering materials and tools. Rusty sent me a link for a really nice digital caliper that's selling for around $20. That's about half what MicroMark is getting for theirs.

    Oh yeah, I've got to get the battery charger out and start charging the boat battery. Momma wants to get out on the water today if the skies clear off. She hasn't been on the Lake since last fall and she's getting impatient. [:-gnasher] Guess I'd better get to it.

    Have a good day, everyone. You too, Rusty.

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    Good morning crew and Mike too!

    64 here in Fishers Indiana with threatening skies so no outdoors work for me today...Oh what a shame, really.[:-jester]

    Wife isn't feeling good from a cold so she doesn't want to do any activities around the house. I guess that lets me off the hook for the weekend as she said "Go work on your trains!" YEP I will.

    Mike has sent me the reworked car frame and it should be in today's mail. I hope to get a mold made this weekend and some test castings. If all goes good then that's a wrap on that one. Next I'm finishing up on my disconnect cars and hope also to mold that one this weekend but it doesn't look that promising yet. Last but not least I hope to finish up the Black Bear deck truss bridge and move on to the next one. Gee, only 4 more to go.[:-hypnotized]

    I'll take the coffee but leave the donuts as I'm starting to gain a little which I don't need. Too much sitting at the present job.

    I forgot another project: My thickness sander I'm constructing. The motor I bought off eBay came this week so the only thing I'm shy right now is a 1/2" shaft for the sanding drum. That will be made from a 4" ID PVC pipe joint capped on both ends with sone styrene sheets. A hole through the center for the 1/2" shaft and then I'll pour it full of resin. That will make a nice solid drum to attach the sandpaper too. I'll post pictures once I get going on it. I'm building this to make my own scale lumber. Reason is I've found the need for various sizes and I want to be able to make it on demand not have to order it from out of town. Total cost on the thickness sander should be around $30 and that's a lot less than the $360 they want for the Proac model.


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      What's on MY mind?That's a dangerous question,Mike.:-)

      Winning the lottery so I can start my own business and manufacture the models I want the way I want them done.(Hey,I can dream,can't I?)

      Seriously tho.Today it's housework and modeling.

      Get some materials to begin work on scratchbuilding some cars and underframes.(Thank God for Evergreen styrene!).

      Have a good day Mike,Rusty,and crew.

      Bill Burge

      Big Blue GN Fan



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        Morning All,

        Expected high of 98F today, Cool spell,

        Todays Plans: Heading out for work in New Mexico in a couple of hours.[:-irked] Then when I get there spending the rest of the day organizing modelling projects.

        Have a good day,



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          Good evening all.

          Well it is Saturday and I did what I do every Saturday I worked my 11 hour day.

          So no modeling and no special projects.

          I will say that the donuts are rather stale but they still taste good.

          Have a good evening all.
          <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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            hmmm the donuts are hard and the coffee is cold by of these days Ill get here in the day time hours....its 1:30 am

            it was 92*hot sunny ,praying for some rain in Deltona Fla.. working on layout in the A/C planning space for the down town area and river crossing..