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Friday, A good day to couple up!

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  • Friday, A good day to couple up!

    Good morning Railroad Line crew and Mike too!

    51 and clear, well a little fog around the edges, here in Cincinnati on the Ohio. Today is "I" day, my day to treck back to home in Indianapolis for the weekend.

    Today's topic: Couplers, which brand and which type do you prefer? Let's make this a little more than "I use Kadees". But tell us which model number you use and why these are better than others.

    Myself I'm sold on Kadee #5's right now although I may move to the #58's as they are suppose to be scale size. I'm not in the coupler mode right now but when I am I will get more serious about it.

    So, which do you use and why? Do you convert truck mounted couplers to body mounted?

    I hope to be doing some casting this weekend as I have a couple of new masters to work with. this seems to occupy most of my free time lately but I am still working on the Black Bear/Midwest truss deck bridge and it's almost done. Now all I have to do is build four more bridges and I can start sculpting the layout.

    Everyone have a great day model railroading and have fun at it, you too Mike!

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    Good morning folks,

    We are waiting for the rain. It was supposed to start last night, still nothing. The news people were all in a lather last night about how much rain we were going to get and how hard the Jersey Shore towns were going to be hit and how much beach erosion they were going to experience. I think if I see one more report from the Boardwalk I am going to scream.

    I rusted the Lehigh Valley gondola, and grimed the L&N gondola and the TP&W boxcar. I need to grime the LV gondola and then seal all the cars. Next I will decide on whether to hit them with a wash.

    I use mainly Kadee number 5s. Certain cars or locomotives do require other couplers.

    Athearn locomitves (U33C, GP9, & B?) took #33

    Bachmann SD45 took #33 I think

    IHC Mikado took #27

    Athearn Bay window caboose #27

    Manuta rolling stock #38

    Truck mounted couplers took #27

    This list is off the top of my head so I may need to correct it later when I get home. Whenever I have a new piece to convert the coupler I always check the Kadee website conversion chart. The most difficult conversion I had was my Bachmann Plus F units. They required a special coupler package that Kadee made for them. The instructions were well written and easy to follow and both the A & B units were done in an evening.

    I hope everybody has a good day.


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      A chilly 45 degrees this morning in Iowa.But the sun will shine and we'll see about 70 this afternoon.

      Couplers.I'll be using the Clouser O scale Type E coupler.It comes in kit form and is a beautifully scaled down version of it's prototype and fully functional.Now if someone would come out with the parts for the coupler yoke,draft gear,etc.

      Kadees just don't get it in larger scales.

      Bill Burge

      Big Blue GN Fan



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        Morning all! TGIF!

        It's cloudy today in NYC, and the weather-folks can't seem to decide if it's going to rain or not. Tomorrow too, and tomorrow's weather will decide if I do yard work or futz with trains. I'm tempted to hope for rain, but the lawn REALLY needs a mowing especially with all the little oak trees sprouting up from the acorns I missed last fall.

        Anyway, on to the topic at hand. I've been installing knuckle couplers on everything, mostly kadee number 5's, but if a car came with knuckle couplers I leave it alone. If the plastic ones don't hold up I'll change them once I have a layout to run on.

        Have a great Friday and a great weekend all! You too Mike and Rusty!


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          Good morning, everyone. U2, Stumpy.

          It's a dreary, damp, chilly day here in K.C., with lots of rain all around us. I'm heading back to my place at the Lake later this morning, where it has apparently rained quite a bit in the last few hours. So much for getting any yard work done. [:-gnasher]

          I have been using Kadee #58's on all of my work train cars. I used #5's for many years (like most folks), but I'm sold on the 58's now and will change out any 5's I have on currently used rolling stock. IMO, the 58's look better and work just as well as the 5's. Of course, most of my rolling stock is small and based on early 1900's prototypes, so the smaller couplers naturally look better anyway.

          Have a good day, everyone. You too, Rusty.


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            Mornin' y'all. Kind of a ho-hum day here is SE Texas. Took a look at the lunar eclipse last night, glad the weather was clear enough for me to see it.

            There is a topic on this on the small scale forum, you might want to take a look over there.

            I use mostly MT with a few accumates thrown in to the mix. I have some of the older Kato couplers but I'm not adding any of those. When I can find them I like to use the Intermountain couplers but they will be getting harder to find now that IMT is using accumates on their new stuff. Oh! BTW, I model in N-scale.
            Johnnie C. Scott- Old Curmudgeon


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              Hello to all!!

              Triple digits today here in the valley of the sun!! [:-hot] 8D

              I model HO scale and use Kadee #5's and #58's. All of the intermodal and passenger cars have #58's and most everything else has #5's. The Athearn Genesis SD75M's have the McHenry #51's spring type couplers as the Kadee spring does not work freely in that cheap coupler box they provide on those things.

              All of my stuff is body mounted except the Athearn streamline passenger cars and I do not convert them to body mounts. They work just fine as they are.


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                Bill, seeing you use a mix of #5 and #58's how do they work together? That is, is there any problems in coupling up the cars that have different model couplers?

                I think this is important to many of us who might have mixed couplers in the future. Also, I'd be interested in knowing how couplers from various manufactures work together. Obviously horn hooks won't couple with #5's but how about other knuckle couplers?


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                  Walt - The #5's and the #58's work together just fine as does the McHenry #51's. I am experiencing no problems with any of these working together.

                  The only problem I have had has been with the EZ-MATE I Bachmann plastic spring type couplers that come on the Athearn Loco's and rolling stock. I left some of those on in the beginning but have since replaced them all. Over time they would not stay coupled with a train over 5-10 cars long going up and down a 2.7 degree grade.


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                    Good afternoon RR-L crew,

                    Currently I use only Kadee #5's. Have never tried any other. Have a great weekend, all. :up:
                    peace and may God bless...


                    proud proprietor of the Wheelerville, Langham Creek and Semmes R.R.


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                      Three days in the triple digits in the Southwest. Maybe a break soon.

                      I haven't done much modelling in the past few days. Been helping our neighbor lady get ready for her move to Florida and also trying to get the better half's shop open. Plus a months worth of honey doo's. Back to work in New Mexico tomorrow, so I can get back in the modelling routine.

                      Couplers: I was in the process of converting all rolling stock to Kadee No 5's. Then the SW MOW train arrived and the cars call for Kadee 58's. I like the 58's much better than the No 5's. Soooo..looks as if I will start over converting to all 58's.

                      Have a good day



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                        I've used mostly Kadee #5's for what seems forever.I still have a lot of new ones on hand that I got on sale 15 years ago.

                        Also have tried McHenry and Proto and they seem fine too, only had one McH fail in use.

                        Keep a few offset specials on hand, of Kadee, and McHenry, and use the snap-in McHenry conversions on Rivarossi equipment.

                        I won't change from #5's to #58's partly because it's a bit late in life to worry about it, but MAINLY because Tony Koester referred to #5's as looking like "boxing gloves" a few years ago in MR.[!]And I don't share any of Tony's opinions at all. :crazy:

                        regards / Mike