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Some More Structures For The Mine Scene

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  • Some More Structures For The Mine Scene

    Here are a couple more kitbashed structures I've added to the coal mine area on my N cale layout...these were both cobbled together from stuff I have in my scrap box...

    The first one serves as both mine office & storage's made from pieces of a Model Power house, an HO fence, with scratchbuilt loading docks, & roofs...

    Download Attachment: shed.jpg
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    The second structure is a small boiler house...I cut some brick walls to fit this tiny space, made a lean-to addition from some type of scrobed siding...I glued some cinder ballast to the roof on the brick structure to represent an asphalt roof, & made a "metal" roof for the lean-to from Evergreen V-groove siding...

    Download Attachment: boiler.jpg
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    "Life is all the stuff that happened while you were making other plans."

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    These are a couple of outstanding structures that you've "cobbled" together, Drew. As always, I have a hard time believing this is N scale.

    Very nice work! :up: .


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      Thanks Mike!

      I didn't realize it until I posted the photo, that apparently the ground under the left side that boiler house is a bit "soft", & she might need to be shored up a little bit!

      [:-ashamed] :erm:

      "Life is all the stuff that happened while you were making other plans."


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        :up: Way to go Drew!


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          Very nice Drew.[^]

          I downloaded the photos for future reference.

          Thanks for the look,



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            Thanks evrtyone!

            Here's a picture of the headhouse & tipple structure...

            I used pieces of three HO kits to put this one together...

            Download Attachment: MVC-007F.JPG
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            "Life is all the stuff that happened while you were making other plans."


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              Hey, Drew, you aren't Art Curren's twin are you? What a great job of kitbashing and scale swapping all in one. 8D 8D


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                Outstanding structures!!! :up: You must have a nice scrap box. Again, it's hard to believe they are N Scale. Way to go.



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                  Thanks again!


                  What you & I would consider a "nice scrap box", my my wife considers a growing night mare, that occupies an increasing amout of square footage in my train room/workshop!


                  I'll take that as a very nice compliment!

                  I was a great fan of the late great Mr. Curren. His articles in MR & RMC were always among my favorites! He probably was the one that taught me that what's rattling around inside a kit box has a lot less to do with the picture on the box than it does with what's in my own imagination.

                  "Life is all the stuff that happened while you were making other plans."


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                    Hi Drew

                    Great structures you have there. :up:

                    I started in the model RR hobby 2 years ago and picked HO because of the availability of everything.

                    However looking at Tyson's and your work in N scale I am thinking that just maybe N scale would not be that bad at all.[:-party]

                    The great part of it is that I replaced all the interior doors in my house about 5 years ago and just happen to have 5 lauan plywood doors in the basement. :up:

                    So all I have to do is buy some locomotives, rolling stock and start building.

                    Oh to dream.

                    Again you have me tempted to start a small layout. :up:

                    I agree on the scrap box. I think all modelers are pack rats since we never know what little scrap will become a jewel on another structure.[:-star]
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                      Very nice Drew