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Question on making bricks

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  • Question on making bricks

    One of the major industries on my planned layout will (hopefully) be a foundry. Since none of the commercial kits suit me I'll probably end up scratch building. Since I'm frugal (OK, cheap) and I've seen some great work done in cardboard, I thought I'd probably build in cardboard, but I want it to look like brick. What's out there that I could attach to the cardboard to look like brick? The best solution for me would be bricks I could print on my printer, make as much as I want for the cost of paper and ink. Any suggestions?

    I posted the same question on The Gauge, so if you answer in one place no need to answer in both!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just for starters, because there are many solutions to this question, Holgate and Reynolds makes several different inexpensive sidings, including brick, that can be attached to cardboard or sheet wood. Faller, Vollmer, and several others offer embossed cardstock siding material that ranges from brick to cut stone. It's also inexpensive. Check the Walthers Catalog or search their online catalog for photos.


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      If you have access to the December 2001 issue of Model Railroader there is an article on page 78 called Brick Wall Decals. It explains how to take photographs of brick walls and using your computer how to make decals that are copies of these walls.

      The process was developed for New England, Berkshire & Western club layout at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

      The photos in the article show very realistic brick walls as they should be since they are photos of the real thing.

      If you would like a copy of the article let me know through the PM function.
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        You can buy styrene sheets with bricks already embossed (cast). It might prove a lot easier building with the styrene sheets and they aren't that expensive. If my mind isn't deserting me I'd say you could get three sheets of 6x8 for around $6.