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    Just a small suggestion if I can make one. I am new obviously to this fine site and enjoy reading the posts. If I could make a suggestion though, the Photo contest section is very very hard to find and if it could be made as a section in its own right it would be a lot easier to find and peruse.

    Grant Kerr

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    Hi, Grant, and once again, welcome to RR-L.

    The decision to make the monthly photo contest a stand-alone forum will be up to Joe, the forum's Admin. However, I made the contest thread a "sticky" sometime ago, and you should always be able to find it at the top of the list in the Photography Forum.

    After each month's contest is finished, I "unsticky" it to make room for the new one at the top. I don't like to have too many sticky threads because it confuses some people who are looking for unrelated new threads that should be at the top. (Too many stickies became an "issue" on another train forum this past winter, and the moderators there agreed to have no more than 2 stickies per forum. I thought it was a solid idea.)


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      Mike. Thanks for the prompt reply. Cleared that up and what I have done is just made the page a bookmark, Again, thanks