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  • The day began with hazy sunshine, but George didn't notice because Linda grabbed Yellowsignal's turnout causing extreme disfiguration. "Help", Sadam cried in disbelief! Before anyone could start running to disentangle George, the engineer, Colin Powell, arrived wearing only his shiny pink turbine."Okay, what in the name of all creation happened here?"

    "Don't touch my Climax!" shouted Wayne.

    Everyone froze, surprised Linda had derailed the whole Friggen' enchilada. They all sat disbelieving, horrified looks plastered upon their wrinkled brows.

    "What would make chocolate enchiladas do something other Mexican food just can't imagine, except refried jackrabbits charbroiled with Russian bear butts?"

    "Just a dadburned abreviated minute," Cher sang. "When they come-around backwards after hang-gliding Everest theme park, we all can give up shooting the messenger."

    Bellowing loudly "Casey Feedwater!" Rusty lunged at mademoiselle from across the bed, trying to wringe her neck.

    "Why not eat Yellowsignal's enchiladas instead of trying brocolli?" blurted George Bush. "But Athearn won thumbs up, well let's finish drinking that fifth bottle of Chinese Yoohoo!" A miniscule man wearing but pantyhose over his pajamas jumped off the trestle-bridge splattering the fritters greasy inards on everyone. Meanwhile, MikeC's lambastarded gooseberries spurted from inside pockets on Grandma's bloomers. Grandma shouted, "free lunch!" Drooling little globs, splurts and bittersweet insecurity.

    Telepathically, enjoying every sensuous vibration, Grandma died. But, she still had that silly grin plastered on, seemingly inebriated even id="red">