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Member introductions, 12/23/2002 to 02/23/2005

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    1) What State or Country and nearest City we live in: Missouri, Butler, Poplar Bluff

    2) How long modeling and how we got started: since 1960 (I was 4)

    3) What lines we model: Mo-Pac/Union Pacific

    4) years we model: 1980-now

    5) how large our layout is: 25x45

    6) if we use DC, DCC or other: DC

    7) anything else you want to add: I work for Union Pacific

    8) post your picture if you dare: [:-drool]
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      1}Deltona Fla.20 miles from Daytona500 .org from long island N.Y

      2}My dad started when he was in his 20s and got me started in the model train world at age 7 ,always had trains under the xmas tree when we move to Fla from Rocky Point NY he pass on his trains to me and I had collected along the way

      most of the trains he had are metal cast ,the oldest now is a 2-8-0 steam loco at 62 years old now but it is very heavy engine it had a broking ground wire so its running again.

      3}Getting ready to build my 3rd layout got the walls painted for a background it will be a 10x9x38 when complete ,so i guess I need to take the old layout off line still doing layout plans to make sure of what i want.

      4}Im 41 years old

      5}layout in the 1950s era love the 50s cars and was still steam and diesel era and I love F-7a

      diesels with

      6}no theam just my design my friends and family live and run the town.

      7}H.O scale

      8}My # 1 Railroad system is the New York Central

      9}last Train I traveled on was the Fla Mt.Dora /Orlando baldwin bros.2-4-0 steam built in 1928 fully restored sweet ride ,My Girl friend 1st train ride but it broke down in Mt dora so they pulled us back with a 1939 alco switcher engine that was all they could get at short notice ,the Fla East Coast Railroad now the rail raod is shut down,no money to keep it going since 9-11 ,

      Lazerman's Railway system 2003


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        1) What State or Country and nearest City we live in..

        Victoria, Australia and Melbourne is the nearest capital city (about 70 mile away)

        2) How long modeling and how we got started..

        Had model trains when I was a kid. Got sidetracked after I got married. Just retired after a long time working in the music industry. (Sound Engineer)

        3) What lines we model..

        There is only one. Union Pacific.

        4) years we model..

        transition stage with latest locomotives being GP38-2

        5) how large our layout is..

        1/2 an acre...(really)

        6) if we use DC, DCC or other

        RCS remote control and battery power. Track power is provided for visitors on the mainline only.

        7) anything else you want to add..

        I have been building the current layout for 2 years and it is still ongoing. I also own and operate Outback Turnouts.

        8) post your picture if you dare..


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          [}]Hi,I'm new to the forum so here goes.....

          I live in Florence, Oregon right on the coast

          We are transplants from Ca. as most here are

          I have been modeling for 40years give or take with a few stops due to moves etc.

          Started by my dad as we had a neighbor who was into modeling big time,and belonged to a club in Elmhurst Il. that is still there to this day

          My first layout was in our home in Chicago and was 24x15 in our basement,B&O.A move to Ca.due to a job change created a lull in my modeling until 1990 when I caught the dreaded narrow gauge virus and began chasing trains all over Co.

          I began construction on my D&RGW layout in Ca. in 1994.It was in a 1200sq.ft.building const. by me for the RR. The actual layout was 22x36 and it was dismantled in 2001 when I retired and went on the road in our motorhome.

          We settled here in OR. about a year ago and I have just finished my new layout room,it is small but built specif.for the purpose.

          81/2ft.x20 with built in lighting valances on 1000wht reost. broken into three legs and all corners were taken out when I sheetrocked.

          I plan to use DCC but will need to educate myself as I have never had it.

          If I figure out how to do it I will post some photos of this and previous layout.

          In the Jul of 1992 issue of S Scale Railroading, there is a full page article on a engine house I scratchbuilt,it was in Sn3 as I was at the time.

          I now am in HO std.and model the sierra on a very loose basis.Considering a freelance with my own roadname.

          My friends Jim Vail,and Paul Scoles have used this method with good results.

          My main int. is structures and scratchbuilding.

          My main int. RR is short line,logging,and mining in the mountains.

          Sorry for the too long post (ps. I bought the SW large tank for 36.01.

          Jerry....................Not so sunny OR today[:-headache]


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            Welcome all and thanks for posting something about yourself and your modeling.

            Jerry glad to see you won the SW large tank on eBay.

            Jerry is this your first Sierra West kit or have you built others. I know Mike C. has this kit also. If you have a chance drop in on the finescale modeling forum section and share your modeling experiences.

            Do you have any pictures you could share of your scratch built engine house.

            Again welcome to all who have posted here recently.
            <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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              BBags and guys, yes I do have photos of my old layout as well as my models but I am not sure how to post to this forum..looks like I can put in an attachment. Just got a new so I will give it a try later....was on the finescale for a while but do not have the Foss kit and am still waiting for my 105 sawmill,orderd the regular not the special one.I seldom build kits to the picture I use my own ideas and give them my own feel.Will modify the mill to fit my space, have all the machines built for the Sierra machine shop and that will be my next scratch project once I get this darn benchwork finished/////


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                Good day all.....

                I live in Mobile, Alabama. On the Golden Gulf Coast home to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

                I've been in the hobby for about 25 years, but actually active the first 3 or 4 years and now the last 3 years. Moving to Texas for 20 years, marriage and small apartment living is what made the gap in the hobby. We have recently moved back to our hometown of Mobile a year ago. Now we are settled in and I'm starting another layout.

                Being from the Mobile and the southeast I mainly model the G.M.&O. and other southeastern roads. I have some L&N equipment and loco, UP, SP equipment and locos from my time in Texas.

                My cutoff is 1969, the time before the merger with IC. I hated that! :erm:

                My layout is quite small, sorta egg shaped two sides 11-1/2', one end 5-1/2', and the other end 4'. It will be a duck-under with access in the middle. Also, I model in HO.

                I'm interested in DCC, but do not have the extra cash to invest at this time, maybe one day down the road.

                I haven't been a member of this forum very long, but I enjoy the posts and the tips are very helpful. :up:
                peace and may God bless...


                proud proprietor of the Wheelerville, Langham Creek and Semmes R.R.


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                  Welcome Jim and others who have taken the time to fill out this short biography.

                  Anyone else who reads this, please if you have not previously answered this topic, take a few moments to tell the rest of us about your interests in this hobby.

                  Jim your layout is similar in size to mine. Mine is in the form of an L with the long sides being 16' and 10'. The shorter sides are 6' and 10' respectively.

                  I also have the dreaded duckunder but since I only have access to the 16' and 6' sides I needed middle access also.

                  I will also admit that my layout is on paper only but hopefully benchwork will start soon.

                  Again welcome and pull a chair up to your computer and join in on the discussions.
                  <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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                    1) I live in Quincy,IL, the furtherest point west of IL, overlooking the Mississippi River and also the "Q" in the CB&Q RR (now a part of BNSF).

                    2) In model railroading for most of 60+ years; put it aside while in U-control planes and boats; returned to trains when I faced the fact that I was a lousey pilot. It started when my parents bought a used O-27 Marx freight train set and later a new passenger set. My eldest brother showed me how to make structures out of things around the house which I enjoyed. I had belonged to a mrr club for some 33 years.

                    3) My first home layout was based on plan no.47 of Kalmbach's "101 Track Plans", which I later sold partially completed. Presently I have more than 6 layouts designed for my basement, but can't decide which one to build. I like coal roads/bridge lines of eastern US. It is the branch lines of class-1 roads or class-2 roads that I prefer. Over the years, I have designed a number of layouts for the club members, some built, some not, but my only claim to "fame" was the layout designed for the club, which was the cover story for Model Railroader issue of April 1989. It was set in the state of PA running from Chesapeake Bay to Lake Erie. We began building it in the fall of 1974 and they are continuing to use and add to it today; I think they may like the design.

                    4) The early diesel era, late 40's to late 50's, gives a good variety of manufacturers.

                    5) First layout was 5ft x 12ft; the 6 layouts run from a "G"-shape 12ft x 14ft with 2ft wide tables to about half of my basement in single and two-level, around the wall, versions "L"-shape 28ft x 37ft with 14ft and 12ft wide legs. The club layout is 16-1/4ft x 70ft, around the wall with two penisulas.

                    6) I plan to use DC on my layouts. I don't like to use anything I can't repair myself. The club uses DCC.

                    7) More on my preferences: scratch building from basic materials (paper, cardstock, wood, etc.); construction of a layout from a plan; operation with the emphesis on switching and timetable/clock; designing operating layouts; HO scale.


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                      Welcome, Buzz, Jim, Jerry, Grant, lazerman, frisco1522man, Mike, and all the others who have introduced themselves here. :up:

                      I'm just getting caught up on this thread, so my welcome is a little late in some cases.[:-ashamed] At any rate, make yourselves at home and join in on the discussions.


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                        1. Colorado Springs

                        2. 43 years in HO scale. Thot I'd try table top photography and got hooked.

                        3. I have my own, the Sandric & Lake Superior. This is overlayed with the D&RGW which provides the basic structure. That structure is the Rio Grande's Royal Gorge Route between Pueblo, CO and Salt Lake City.

                        4. 1954.

                        5. This is my 12th and largest layout. It occupies a 1,500 square foot basement; total trackage 2,000+ feet, narrow and standard gauge in HO. Standard main 460 feet, narrow about half that.

                        6. DC block control with rotaries; nine cabs, six yards.

                        7. Active in the past in clubs, NMRA, retired several years. My primary interest is operation.

                        (new copy) 8. If you really need to see what I look like, check out the cover of Paul Mallory's book on electricial published by RMC. There's a story behind it but I won't go into it here.



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                          Well, I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring...better late than never, I guess!

                          1.) I live near Louisville, Ky. USA

                          2.) I had some Lionel, & HO stuff as a kid, but as far as serious modeling goes, I bought an HO det to put under the Christmas tree about 11 years ago, & well, the rest they say, is history!

                          3-7.) Currently I have two small freelance N scale layouts...One is an industrial branch of the ficticious Kentucky & Indiana RR. circa is built on a shelf 13" deep, & 60" long.

                          My latest project is a Depression Era coal hauler in the Appallachian Mtns...I'm calling it the Poor Fork RR & Mining Co. It;s a simple oval track plan measuring 32x66 inches.

                          Both layouts are powered by a single DC cab. (one each, that is...they're not, in any way, connected to each other)

                          I just wanted to add that I love model railroading, & I especially love sharing the hobby with all these great folks I've met through this & other forums!

                          8.) Oh yeah, the picture...Ok, you asked for it! [B)]

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                          "Life is all the stuff that happened while you were making other plans."


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                            Welcome all that have taken the time to fill out this short biography.

                            Buzz glad to see someone else interested in scratch building. If you get a chance could you post some of your work and techniques in the Scratch Building forum or in the Finescale Modeling forum.

                            railliar please free to relate your story about the cover of Paul Mallory's book.

                            Drew I have seen your picture before at The Gauge. Put on a business suit and you would look like one of the stock brokers I see all the time down on Wall Street (NYC). As a matter of fact some of them may have extra suits as they trade theirs in for prison stripes.

                            Thanks again and enjoy the forum.
                            <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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                              1) What State or Country and nearest City we live in

                              Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

                              2) How long modeling and how we got started

                              13 years, Unknown

                              3) What lines we model

                              Chessie System/Conrail

                              4) years we model


                              5) how large our layout is

                              CLub Member

                              6) if we use DC, DCC or other


                              7) anything else you want to add

                              8) post your picture if you dare


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                                I only realized this was here today when Chesapeake posted his bio. so I thought I would add my bit.

                                1. I live up in the hills in the Welsh Marches( Shropshire side)sort of midway between Shrewsbury and Hereford in England.Left of Birmingham in the centre of the country.

                                2.Had Marklin train set when a kid but never that interested in it.Had a vague interest in British narrow gauge during '90s.Interest in American narrow gauge logging lines dates from about 20th february 1999 when I was persuaded to buy some back copies of the Gazette and the SW tractor and repair shed advert fired my imagination.Now with lots of money spent I am beginning to get the hang of these craftsmen kits.

                                3.Freelance logging line

                                4.Probably the mid-1930s

                                5.The room that will house my layout is 16x25 but there will be an area for workbench.I am still constructing the building that it will go in.

                                6.I will probably go straight to DCC.

                                7.This is a hobby I think that I can stick with for the rest of my life(eyesight and health permitting)as it is going to take that long to get a layout up and running.

                                7.If you really must see a photo of me check out N/D 2002 issue of the Gazette.I'm the lurker at the back.