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Member introductions, 12/23/2002 to 02/23/2005

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  • Ok - here's the picture I said I'd scan and post.

    In case you can't tell, I'm the one with the "hair-lip" although it's gone now - was getting too many white ones in there! [:-bigeyes2]


    • quote:

      Originally posted by jimdad1

      Yes Will - I am. We have known each other for a number of years now ...

      That's OK, Jim, no one here will hold that against you.

      Will Annand

      Modeling the CVR in N Scale.


      • Whew!

        Hi! My name is Jim and I know Terry! [:-jester]


        • Be nice , children , I just happen to have my ears on ...looks like we are all burning some ' midnight oil '.

          Great picture ...'course Cheryl's beauty outshines yours but was there ever any doubt ?



          • Well hello all

            1}well its Deltona Florida for me about 25 miles south of the Daytona speedway

            2}got started at age 7 ,trains have been in the family since my dad was a kid and he has handed it all down to me to keep them alive and im 42 now,

            3}Freight and passager line

            4}on and off in the last 20 years and now with the new house 2 or 3 days a week if I can.

            5}H.O scale only,as real as I can make it down to where you can see the fish in the ponds and lakes...The letter {E}9'x12'x4'x8'x36"

            6} powered by 2- MRC 260's


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            • Nope! Absolutely none!


              • 1) What State or Country and nearest City we live in

                I live just outside Richmond, Virginia

                2) How long modeling and how we got started

                I got started in model railroading when my parent's helped me build a 4 by 6 foot HO layout in the early 70's. I started the layout I am working on now in 1997. Between the mid 70's and mid 90's I was interested, but not active in the hobby.

                3) What lines we model

                I model a fictional-based-loosely-on-prototype shortline that connects to the C&O and the Western Maryland in West Virginia.

                4) years we model

                Early 50's

                5) how large is your layout and what scale do you model.

                12 by 14 foot layout room, with a 2 by 8 shelf section in one adjoining room, and a fiddle yard in another. HO standard gauge

                6) if we use DC, DCC or other

                DCC - Digitrax

                7) anything else you want to add

                I have enjoyed paritcipating in this forum so far

                8) post your picture if you dare



                • Welcome aboard. If you get down to the tidewater area, stop and visit our club.

                  The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


                  • My name is Mike Chapmon and here is my short intro:

                    1) What State or Country and nearest City we live in: Longview, TXid="red">

                    2) How long modeling and how we got started: 34 years, after entering Navyid="red">

                    3) What lines we model: MKT, KCS, SSW, RI, SP, ATSFid="red">4) years we model: 1970-1988

                    5) how large is your layout and what scale do you model: HO, 15 x 9id="red">6) if we use DC, DCC or other: DCC, NCEid="red">

                    7) anything else you want to add: building an industrial switching layout with some city areas (concrete canyons with trackage in the streets)id="red">

                    I don't have any current pics, but I'm 51 years old, have two cats who rule me, and am currently on disability and happy to be alive.

                    I also am the former owner of Branchline Hobbies of Escondido, CA, and enjoyed very much serving customers and working with all the great modelers out there. I really miss that part. I'm currently helping Pacific Western Rail Services with some of their admin/news release work, and have found them to be a great bunch of guys. If anyone has any questions about either the industry or PWRS, feel free to ask.



                    • Welcome , Mike , kind of quiet on this Saturday afternoon as I guess everyone has personal stuff on the go .You mentioned 2 cats ..I have 2 Pugs that have a cat type of ruling mentality so you know where I'm coming from .

                      We welcome involvement in our many Forums so have a look around and pick your flavour .



                      • Welcokme to all the new folks.

                        I have got to check this topic out more often. I miss too many things.

                        I see there is another Delaware Valley person here. Where abouts in Newtown are you Myles? I am down on the other side of Philly in Drexel Hill. I once worked on a project on Jefferson Street in Newtown Borough a few years back that replaced the bridge over the creek. It was an interesting project becuase we had to retain the look of the old bridge. We also kept the 200 year old bridge abutments as part of the new structure.

                        George how difficult would it be to get from Virginia Beach (Sandbridge area) to where your club is? We vacation now Virginia Beach about every other year for a week or two. We always rent a house in Sandbridge.


                        • Like Tom, I have to check this thread more often. Although I have welcomed some of the new folk elsewhere on the site, let me formally say welcome to Jim, John, Mark, & Mike!


                          • Hi all

                            I would also like to say welcome to those of you who have taken the time to fill out this brief biography.

                            It is nice to be able to get to know our forum members better.

                            <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


                            • Hello, Irv here.

                              1) State.....Kentucky

                              2) modeling....since a child

                              3) B&O, L&N coal,passenger equipment,Old Fordsville Branch.

                              4) Era ...all

                              5) layout 18x16 in HO scale.

                              6) DC for now, hope to upgrade one day.

                              7) anything else. Glad to be here. Just looking for something fresh in these forums! Some of you all know me.

                              8) pic..maybe later


                              • Weclome Philip

                                Nice to see another B&O fan.