I thought I would create a list of websites of DCC system and product manufacturers so that those thinking about getting into DCC can do some research to know what their options are. If you see any DCC manufacturer not listed below, please e-mail me and I'll get them added to the list.

Atlas - www.atlasrr.com/dcc/welcome.asp

Aztec - www.aztectrains.com/pages/DCCFrames.html

BLI - http://www.broadway-limited.com (makes only decoder equiped locos)

CVP EasyDCC - www.cvpusa.com

Digitrax - www.digitrax.com

Fleischmann - www.fleischmann.de (Germany)

Kent Software - www.zugdcc.com

Lenz - www.lenz.com

Modeltreno Intellibox - www.modeltreno.it (Italy)

North Coast Engineering (NCE) - www.ncedcc.com

Roco - www.roco.com/

Soundtrax - www.soundtraxx.com

Train Control Systems - www.tcsdcc.com

Uhlenbrock - www.uhlenbrock.de/3/index.htm (Germany)

Wangrow - www.wangrow.com

Zimo Elektronik - www.zimo.at (Austria)

ZTC Controls - www.ztccontrols.co.uk (England)

And here's a handy source for doing comparisons between different DCC products and systems: