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I Admit It... I'm a Newbie

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  • wolv33

    Ask away, Mike.


    CEO Midwestern Double-line Railroad

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  • MikeC
    started a topic I Admit It... I'm a Newbie

    I Admit It... I'm a Newbie

    I hope some of the folks who know all about this software are still on board. My wife (who is the PC user in the family) just downloaded the software for me a few days ago and loaded it on one of her old laptops.

    I'm a Mac user and know nothing about Windows, much less Atlas RTS. So I'm trying to learn both at the same time. I've gotten part way through the RTS tutorial but still need to finish it. Once I get started with some "real" track planning, I'm sure I'm going to need some help with the software from the experts. Is there anybody left?

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm a busy man. I have a railroad to run.