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    "The Texas" is what the old timers called the Louisville, Henderson & St. Louis Railway. In 1905 the L&N acquired a majority of this lines stock. This road extended from Strawberry, Ky., six miles south of Louisville, to Henderson, Ky., a distance of 137 miles, with a principle branch extending from Irvington to Fordsville, Ky, some 38 miles distant. Although the L&N secured control in 1905, the L.H.& St. L. continued to operate as a quasi-entity until April 2, 1929, when the ICC granted the L&N permission to lease the line for 99 years, with the privilege of renewal from time to time until the year 2396, which in writing is still some distance in the future! It's predecessor was the Louisville, St. Louis and Texas Railway, chartered on Jan. 13, 1882. One of the builders of the road, W.V. McCracken summed up the "corporate" name being not completely descriptive when he said: The Louisville, St. Louis and Texas didn't start from Louisville, never reached St. Louis and had no intention of going to Texas."

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    So I take it, CSXT now owns that?

    This stuff is very interesting to say the least. Do you have information on the mergers over the years of the L&N until they finally were gobbled up by CSXT?

    I have been trying to locate pics of the RF&P, also another gobbled up by the CSXT, but all I have found is the fallen flag site.

    So lemme ask this. Is this where the CSXT gets their gray from in their paint scheme, or is that because it is a southern railroad or am I missing something?

    Again, very informative. Thanks!



    CEO Midwestern Double-line Railroad


    CEO Midwestern Double-line Railroad