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  • What's a L and N?

    Hi,Deb, thought I'd just drop down here and check out YOUR forum. Where's the darn fritters?? Place looks kinda homey.

    Catt Co-founder of The North American Rail Alliance

    & A purrvayer of possible actualities.
    Johnathan (Catt) Edwards

    100% Michigan made

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    Well...Hello Catt,

    I thought I heard someone come in! It's been purty quiet tonight...everybody's over at that new establishment on the wrong meant...the other side of the tracks. You know...that "Blue Note Lounge." They generally commence over this way much later...once the aroma of fresh fritters carries over there. That's what this here giant fan is for...jest in case the wind's not blowing much. TeHeHe!

    Make your self at home...the coffee is hot and fresh also. (Don't tell nobody, but the jug is behind that microwave nobody ever yourself!)

    Have you gotten much modeling done lately? I've got too many projects to train show is only a month away!

    Geesh...didn't mean to hog the conversation...BTW...the L and N was a train...but you knew that! And this ain't MY's everybodys!

    Happy Railroading...pass it on!



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      Hey Catt!

      Don't let her kid you none, Debbie's been known to show up over at the Blue Note more than a time or two . . . Shucks, weren't for her supervising us from atop that piano, we'd still be "just thinkin'" about clearing out that backroom for the layout. (And even though Cowcatcher's given her permission to park her Harley inside, she still insists on leaving it out in the parking lot so she can go out there to -- er, ah -- "check" on it every five minutes or so.)

      Keep looking in on this forum, by the way; you never know what's liable to pop up here to pique your curiosity and expand your horizons.

      -- Paulid='Comic Sans MS'>id=blue>


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        Hi Ya'll,

        Thought I'd drop by and say "Howdy"...trying new do I get rid of that "Forbidden" sign? Thanks...



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          Hey, Debbie, is that a picture of you under your name?


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            DUH...never mind! Thanks anyway!

            [)] Debbie


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              Hi Rusty Stumps,

              Yep..that's me...NOT! LOL

              [)] Debbie


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                No That can't be Debbie. She has red hair.



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         RED hair is about "faded" away! Time to paint it again...hope it doesn't turn out all coppery and burgandy like it did once upon a time! :erm: LOL!

                  David got several L&N slides for me...hopefully I can post some pics soon!