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    The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway ran its first eastbound intermodal train from the West Coast at 05:30 Pacific time Thursday, Oct10, following the West Coast ports work stoppage. The train originated at the Port of Los Angeles. Another train is expected to depart the Port of Los Angeles later this morning.

    BNSF expects to move a dozen more trains eastward from Pacific Coast ports after 18:00 Thursday, including about half a dozen trains each from Pacific Northwest and California port origins.

    The first train from Los Angeles included 164 containers destined for

    locations across the country, including destinations on eastern railroads.

    Contents of the containers on that train included such items as clothing and furniture.

    Based on customer forecasts, BNSF expects to receive more than 2,200

    eastbound international marine containers at its West Coast hubs Thursday, and expects to have all those containers moving eastward on trains by midnight Thursday.

    BNSF Today

    Here's the news, Should be good train watching for the next few days.