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    I asked for the Microsoft Train Simulator for Christmas last year and all I got was SierraWest's complete Backwoods train kits in HOn3!

    I just stopped over at ebay and there where two copies of MS Train Simulator for sale. Both had the SantaFe loco real large on the cover. If I remember the older version had a different picture, I could easily by wrong.

    Could anyone tell me how to identify the latest version from the cover of the product as I don't think I'll get the straigh scoop from the sellers? If it was it was version .000001 they'd tell me that was the latest so they could sell it I think.


    Rusty Stumps

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    I don't know if this will help but I bought TS in the spring and still have the box. The label says Train Simulator 1.0. On the cover of the box is BNSF loco number 4723. The newest boxes are the small boxes but they have the same picture on them.I currently don't have it loaded so I can't tell you if there are any patches.

    I can't seem to get enough hard drive space clear to run it. I tell my kids that if they want it they have to get rid of some of their other games. Hasn't happened yet.



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      Format C:


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        Russ,The new one comes in a small box.The main thing you will need to remember is to down load the free train update by Micro Soft.This updates the game..Another thing to remember..These games sell locally for $29.95.(Walmarts,Target,Best buys,Babbages)So watch your bidding.

        Tom,I have several of the add ons-talk about taking up space! I had to clean house on some of the games I no longer play.I am also going to upgrade my video card.The one I have now is fine,I just want better card.




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          Brakie has agood point about the price. I paid $30.00 minus a 20% off coupon from Best Buys for it in the spring. I am cheap when comes to software any more so I waited till the price dropped.

          Brakie I have over 2.25 Gigs open on my hard drive. TS takes up over 1 Gig so after I load it I still have 1 gig left. I try to run the game but it hangs up. Apparently the swap file wants more space than I have. I only have one game left on the computer. The wife and kids have everything else.



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            An easy way to decrease swap file size is get more RAM on the system. If you have a system that uses SDRAM PC133, you can get 256MB for $29.99...

            Also, look at all you have on your drive as far as un-needed stuff. A lot of the wallpaper you never use can go, right? Don't forget un-used fonts and other things like themes and screensavers that you never use. Perhaps that is the same for files and programs. I dunno, just trying to help.

            I have dual 100GB drives on my P4, and dual 80GB drives on my P3, each have a DVD-RW writer on top, and a CDR-W writer underneath it. Plus, I have drives mapped from all the systems on the network, including the server, for extra file space.

            As for the latest version, it is supposed to be the same boxed version that came in the larger box. You have to visit their MSTS site to get the latest patches and code to update the boxed game. Does anyone have any add-ons they wish to share? I have quite a bit. If you are interested in doing that, please email me from here. I also have TRAINZ and 2 CDs worth of downloaded add-ons for that one.



            CEO Midwestern Double-line Railroad



            CEO Midwestern Double-line Railroad



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              Forgot to post that I did get my copy of MS Train Simulator. It's a fantasict product. Almost too realistic as it has a moderate learning curve to say the least.

              Good graphics and realism. I've shown it to a number of people, non-railroad types, and they were very impressed.

              I haven't had much time to play with it, but it's fun to bring it up once in awhile and run a train.[}][}][}]


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                I also am enjoying MS Train Simulator! Although I need a new pc to run that and Trainz..

                Has anyone checked that out? You can run it in layout mode it is pretty cool to say the least !



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                  I too am a user of MS's wonder Train Simulator, and I absolutely love it! True it takes a ton of memory--1.5 Gig stored on the hard drive and you need to put the CD in to run it! Yikes. But it's worth it.

                  The look of the engineer's stations is excellent, the sounds made by the engines are accurate, and the fun of running a heavy train over the Rocky Mountains (on the Marias Pass route) is a stone blast: Keep the train moving at N8 going up the hill, then try to keep it running away while going down the other side.

                  All along the many routes provided (there are half a dozen) are sidings you can run into by hitting the 'G' key (or Control G behind the train). You can uncouple any car by pointing and clicking on the couple from a pop-up screen. A keystroke takes you from the "engineer's view" screen to overhead (helicopter shot) looking forward (that's adjustable 360 degrees), a rear of train view, and "watch her roll by" view. Super. Finally, the routes provided are lengthy--hundreds of miles long--and very interesting.

                  Locomotives: You can run Dash 9s, GP38s, SD40-2s, Acelas, two different steamers (tough!), and various Japanese and British units. One of the Japanese units even has a two speed transmission!

                  All in all, it's a great product. Bought mine for ten bucks and, since I downloaded all of the available upgrades, it's good as new (ie: if you see one, even an older version, grab it. Then upgrade and go!)



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                    FastJeff, I don't have to have the CD in in order to run MS Simulator! Then again I have a lot of disk space so I opt to load the whole program, it runs much faster that way.

                    I haven't played much with it lately and truthfully I've done little more than run the test runs where you can't get into trouble!

                    I need to reinstall it as I lost the secondary hard drive over the weekend do to the Code Red virus that hit me Monday morning. [:-censored][V]


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                      How much space can you save by not installing some routes? I have

                      used the japanese routes only once so removing that may free up some space.

                      Have any of you downloaded some engines that are worth downloading? I got the UP BigBoy from and it runs great!