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Stumps In The News!!!!!

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  • Stumps In The News!!!!!

    Got my MR today and in the new products section there was this picture of STUMPS and a nice little blurb about them! Congrads Rusty!!!

    Dave Koch

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    ya beat me to it.

    I just saw the ad and was gonna say CONGRATS RUSTY!!

    I hope your business continues to go well. now everybody go and buy some stumps!

    Union Pacific

    "We Will Devour"


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      I have not seen the new MR yet but I do have a dozen of Rusty's stumps. They are terrific.

      For you new folks who may not have seen the posts and pics about these stumps, then check out these links:

      MikeC's review and pics

      PaulT's pics

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      P.S. Remember, be courteous to one another.



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        May I have your autograph?

        Happy Railroading...pass it on!

        Debbieid='Comic Sans MS'>


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          Walt put his house on the market and is busy with several cleanup/fixup chores in preparation for his move to Grand Rapids, but he told me he will still be able to fill any stump orders he receives in the meantime.

          Bob Brown of the Gazette wrote him a few weeks back and said he would run a review of the stumps in the Nov/Dec issue. I think that's the one that will bring a lot of business in for ol' Rusty.

          BTW: the Rusty Stumps web site is still up and running if anyone is looking for additional info.

          Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm a busy man. I have a railroad to run.


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            Thanks Dave for the kind words and to the rest of you also. I sent out six press release packages consisting of a half dozen stumps, painting instructions, press release paper, sample photos, etc. to most all of the leading model railroading magazines. MR was one of them and there will be more, hopefully, articles coming out on them. Can't do much more than that. I should have my investment back by July of 2005 I think. (grin)

            As Mike mentioned the economy in general has had it's effects on us. We are in the process of trying to sell our home and move, again, to Grand Rapids Michigan to be closer to three of our four sons. That's just incase it gets worse then we'll possibly have someone to move in with....right! (chuckle)

            Unfortunately the stumps haven't been selling either. The only sales over the past three or so months have been on Ebay where I have moved pre-production samples. They are all gone now so all we have are the regular production ones.

            Just a note, but you might want to hang on to the ones you have, those that have bought them, because if they don't start selling this Winter then the whole project will probably be scrapped then they will be "Rare Collector's Items!"..... Right!


            Rusty Stumps