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Frisco 1522 Last Run (11 pictures)

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  • Frisco 1522 Last Run (11 pictures)

    It's been a while since I last posted here but I'm still around, I'm just busy trying to buy a new train room for myself, finding the train room is easy enough, finding one with a decent house attched to it is proving a little more difficult!

    Anyway, while driving west along I44 this morning to go sign some paperwork on what I hope will be my new train room I was idling watching the tracks on the right to see if there was anything interesting there (I wasn't driving). I looked ahead to the yard that I knew was coming up and I saw steam rising over the trees. I thought that was a bit strange, I was used to seeing black smoke but not steam, as we drew level with the yard I suddenly realised the shoulder was full of parked cars and the fence was lined with people looking into the yard, that was when I got my first glimpse of a big black boiler spewing smoke and steam, I mentioned to my wife that there was a steam engine exiting the yard (I was a little more excited than that though ) and then was thrown againt the seat belt as she braked hard into the next available spot on the shoulder and leapt out of the car!

    I wish I had known in advance that 1522 was running today and I would have gone to a decent vantage point, as it was, I did the best I could while balancing on the armco on the side of the interstate!

    Then came the passenger cars, it looked as though they had scrounged every one they could find to get enough to cover the demand, I wonder if a mix like this has ever been seen before? I didn't think to count the cars but I would guess 12 - 15.

    Right at the end we have this: electrical power and breakdown insurance?

    Building the first trans-Atlantic Railroad


    Building the first trans-Atlantic Railroad

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for sharing those pics! The 1522 came through here last year during a BNSF employee appreciation excursion. They needed VOLUNTEERS TO RIDE (I mean, work) in the passenger cars and serve snacks to the employees. Soooo....David and I WORKED (hehehe) for 4 hours!! We had a blast, met alot of nice folks and the Engineers cooked and served the hotdogs!! It sure didn't seem like "work" at all! I'm ready to do it again!

    Glad to see you back here!

    Happy Railroading...pass it on!



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      Good to see you back posting again Mike B. Those are great pics. The last time I seen the 1522 was in Galesburg a couple of years ago at Railroad Days. Since it has made its last excursion due to insurance problems that will probably be the last time I ever see it.


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        Great shots MikeB If you was to run a mix of cars like that on your layout someone would say 'It isn't prototypical'. It just shows that if you wait or look long enough, there's a prototype for everything !!


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        Moss Lake Lumber Co.


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          Great Shots MIke!

          Reminds me of the day some 27 years ago when I coincidentally met the America Freedom loco running light under the I74 bridge at Mansfield IL on the N&W (at that time). What a shocker!

          I followed that puppy all the way to west of Taylorville running right beside the tracks! What fun, now convey of dangerous drivers this day!

          I've had the pleasure of seeing and being involved with lots of steam since 1968, but the 1522 was probably the "prettiest" engine ever!

          What a handsome loco she was. I spent 2 days following her up from St. Louis to Galesburg couple of years ago. Great engine, great crew!

          I hope she'll run again someday!
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            Great pics Mike, thanks for sharing.



            P.S. Remember, be courteous to one another.