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  • Athearn SD40-2

    ROCK #4794 arrived today from Hobby Circle, a newly-retooled Athearn SD40-2. I'll talk about performance tomorrow after I've put it through some paces and broken it in, but for now:

    (1) coupler "pockets" that accept #5 kadees. Even the Athearn couplers will work better now, as opposed to the "clip" that used to result in coupler droopage.

    (2) See-thru fans. Nice.

    (3) Near-perfect match on the RI colors.

    (4) Plastic one-piece handrails. Still kind of fiddly, especially for those of us with larger hands, but definite improvement over the metal puppies.

    (5) Nice detail on the decals, with more decals than I've ever seen on an Athearn loco - fuel locators, decals around the billboard "ROCK ISLAND" on the right side, etc.

    (6) REAR NUMBER BOARDS !!!! Already with proper numbering !! Perhaps a pain if you want different numbers, but since the ROCK only owned ten of these, I don't know how many of us will want more than one............

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    Another pic from the rear.

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      I seen where overland pushed the production of the C-415 back. You might want to invest in an IHC version now. They do run pretty good.

      Anyhow, nice SD40-2 you have there. Gonna do any weathering?

      Let's see some of those other goodies you got in the mail. hehehe.


      CEO Midwestern Double-line Railroad


      CEO Midwestern Double-line Railroad


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        That's a nice lookin' unit there. I recently acquired a new, undec Athearn SD40-2, and they do run very nicely.

        Don in 'Orygun' City