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Friday the 13th - Come Tell A Tale!

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  • Friday the 13th - Come Tell A Tale!

    Hi all. Being that it is friday the 13th, I thought that it would be fun to tell us your favorite or wierdest model railroading mishap or perhaps superstition. Here's my own:

    On my first N-scale layout I had a rather large mountain in one corner. The mountain had a cutout on the side to access the tracks. I was running a large freight with my old Trix Decapod around and around. At one point through the mountain, it reappeared on the other end minus the caboose. I put the train into "emergency" and looked in the mountain to see if it derailed...nothing. I looked in the access hole...again , nothing. The floor maybe?...Nope! I looked around the entire layout, which was not very big at all - it was on a door, and for the life of me I could not find this thing! About ten minutes later though, I noticed movement in the corner of my eyes. It was my cat, an all black one named Freddy. He was running around swatting at something. Yup, you guessed it...the caboose! It must have fallen clear out of the tunnel and the cat saw it as prey. Whatever the case, it was friday the 13th, I do remember and at that moment knew why black cats should not be crossed on that day!!! :-)


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    My Grandfather on my dads side simply would not run a train on Friday the 13th,nor would he run a engine with the last four or the frist 3 members being 666.He felt all of this was bad luck and would lead to his death.(he lived to be 86 years old) I also understand he once cussed out a hostler for turning his engine against the sun on a turntable as this always lead to bad luck durning a run.Note,My Dad was born July the 13th,1913,he did not believe anything can cause bad luck.




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      My Friday the 13th story has nothing to do with trains.

      My son was born on Friday, September 13, 1963. He made it by six minutes and would have shared the date with his Grandfather, my Dad who passed in 1961. id=size4> id=teal>


      P.S. Remember, be courteous to one another.



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        My brother was born on friday the 13th as well. He is not the least bit superstitious but if you knew the kind of woman that he married, you might at least say that he does have a bit of bad luck following him around!! (LOL)



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          HI Ya'll,

          Well, I don't really have a tale to tell about Friday the 13th. I generally have good luck that day...sometimes ONLY that day.

          Take tonight, for instance....I open the fridge to get a Bud...and there are only Miller's left...Yuck! Where's the jug?

          Better late than never...(maybe)

          Happy Railroading...pass it on!