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Amtrak Loses It's Odd Logo

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  • Amtrak Loses It's Odd Logo

    “Until their psychedelic colors fade and peel, there will still be plenty of Acela-scheme Amfleet cars plying the Northeast Corridor, resembling sideways lava lamps with their weird colored blobs floating around the cars’ windows, but now it seems that what you see now is all you are likely to ever get.”

    Travel agent Gene Poon of San Francisco is not one to sit still and be quiet. He is a frequent poster on Yahoo-dot-com’s “All_Aboard” e-mail list for people who like to watch trains.

    “Amtrak has released the first Amfleet coach with the new, Gunn-era revival of the “Phase IV” scheme, which first made its appearance in 1995,” writes Poon. He is a reliable source who honestly knows what he is writing about.

    “This is the scheme with the blue window band, and red pin-striping within a white band at the top. The new version has a slightly different shade of blue, and has a reflective red safety stripe at the bottom edge of the carbody.” He added, “The Amtrak ‘Three sheets to the wind” logo is featured; small car numbers appear in the blue window band.”

    So what happened to the “bra” logo?

    “Nowhere is there any evidence of the name Acela or the Acela bra cup logo. Lovers of lingerie and lava lamps may mourn, but most others regard the Phase IV scheme as the classiest to adorn Amtrak rolling stock since the company began in 1971.”

    A conductor in Boston, Dave Bowe, wrote he “noticed this paint scheme over the weekend while switching out cars in Southampton Yard. I figured they were some of the Clocker cars pressed into Regional service. They had the word “Coachclass” next to the vestibule doors using the same font as the Regional and express service. The navy color around the windows seemed a darker navy, and the new logo was present as well.”