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Walthers HO Hicube paper box cars SP & SSW, bogus?

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  • Walthers HO Hicube paper box cars SP & SSW, bogus?

    I heard a rumor that the Walthers HO Hicube paper box cars SP & SSW recently available are bogus. or one of them is. I like them but I will avoid them if they are bogus... I'm trying to weed out the bogus cars from my fleet or avoid buying new ones that are bogus. Can any SP guru's comment? Thanks

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    I'll answer my own question here since no one who knows has answered.

    An SP fan on the Atlas forums answered and told me that SP never owned any of the Hicube paper box cars which Walthers recently released decorated for SP and SSW. Too bad since they are nice looking box cars but I don't want bogus when there are lots of "correct" models to be had.

    So, that may not be the "official" word, but if you are a serious SP fan and modeler, then avoid the Walthers cars unless you can prove otherwise. Is this any surprise BTW? Nope, Walthers, like many others, will fill out their line of any particular freight car with bogus names just to have more to sell. About the only companies which seem to stick to prototype fidelity are Atlas and Intermountain, maybe P2K also. Athearn Genesis is pretty good too. Walthers is a mixed bag... they often offer nice models which are reasonably accurate in terms of copying some prototype, but not all of their paint jobs are correct! Many are outright bogus. And a few cars are copies of real box cars, but are very grossly tooled! Like the North American Smoothside box car has a grossly thick roof and gross ends... the sides are decent.