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What's the best RIL color scheme?

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  • What's the best RIL color scheme?

    What do you think is the best Rock Island color scheme of all time?

    Lets select a winner!

    No, I'm NOT going to break it down to the minor variations as per Jeff's site (except for the Rocket scheme). I HAVE given a "representative" loco for each color - we are voting for the color scheme, not the loco, however! With only 8 answers, I could not include the switcher Black. You can send me a message if you want to vote for that scheme!

    Only vote for ONE (unless you live in Chicago). No hanging chads accepted (unless your live in Florida)!

    - George

    Modeling the Rock Island Line in the QCA

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    Since you mixed in the Rocket scheme, which everybody knows is the best loco scheme ever, I chose a freight scheme just because it's the one I grew up with.


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      Yes Denys, but WHICH Rocket scheme is BETTER ??!!

      I like the silver of the E6 scheme better than the off white of the E8, myself.

      I also have this poll (but more color choices!) on the Yahoo CRI&P site - would you beleive the MAROON & YELLOW is winning at the current time ??? !!!

      Be sure to vote over there, too!

      Alas, you DO need to sign up to vote there!

      - George

      Modeling the Rock Island Line in the QCA

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        If I had to choose a Rocket scheme it would be the Red and White (Cream?). Still can't believe that maroon/yellow scheme is so well liked.

        As for Yahoo I'll pass, too much of my work involves fixing PCs that have been trashed by the "commercial" sites, i.e. AOL, MSN, Yahoo. It's bad enough that most sites dump cookies to my PC, as it is I don't care for Yahoo's intrusiveness. One visit to Yahoo and I end up removing tons of cookies from my IE cookie folder. Ever look in your cookie folder and find that most of them have an experiation date 20 - 50 years from now? Like I'm really going to be using this same PC then even if I'm still alive.

        Just the way this old programmer is.


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          Would you belive that RED AND YELLOW is now in the lead on the CRI&P site poll ???!!!

          - G

          Modeling the Rock Island Line in the QCA

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