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  • "Way Cool" test track..........

    I've got a 44"x47" piece of plywood that I'm gonna turn into a test track for my lokeys. It'll be hinged off the back of my roll around work bench.(Thus the odd size) To test a new lokey or break one in, I'll just flip up the ol' test track and have at it! Gonna power it with a Tech II. Here's a slight "fly in the ointment". I want to have three loops of track on this thing, 22"R, 18"R and 15"R (logging remember?). How can I have turnouts short enough to fit these ever decreasing radii(?) or will I have to skip the turnouts and just have the three loops? BTW the loops will have 2% grades up and down on them. Any ideas from you design SIG type guys?

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    Thanks Phil. I'd thought about cutting down an Atlas T/O right to the frog. Want a #6 off the large radius and a #4 to the 15"R. (OK so it'll be 21.5"R DOT man!)


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      Bucks, I'm having no problems

      Modeling the NYC railroad

      (Not Yet Completed Railroad)