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B&M First Low Hood Switcher

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  • B&M First Low Hood Switcher

    Trying to determine if my info is accurate.

    First B&M lowhood unit was EMD GP-18 switcher without dynamic brakes.

    Am not sure on paint scheme but I believe it was Minuteman(blue).

    Yes or no? Info greatly appreciated.....papa smurf

    Tom in NH

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    I wish I could help ya there Tom. The NE is almost like a foreign country to me, but the railroading there has been a fascinating study.

    Don in Oregon City


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      Yes, NE is sort of a foreign place. We have a strange way of turning rail lines into bike paths, and then complain that there isn't enough public transportation (i.e. commuter rails) to to relieve the traffic.

      I'm not exactly sure on the low hood GP-18, the LL one in N-scale was done in the blue scheme. I also found this picture:

      Don't know if that's the origional paint scheme though...


      A refugee from the Atlas forum.


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        Having used FALLEN FLAG RAILROAD PHOTOS as a reference source.

        [ ] I now know that B&M GP-18 was a low nose with dynamic brakes in minuteman livery, so most of my info was correct. Now I need to find even an undec. HO model...papa smurf

        Tom in NH