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Derailment delays operations!

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  • Derailment delays operations!

    There I was happily "playing with my trains" as my wife puts it, the local freight had just pulled into the yard and reported a possible track nail loose on a curve, the call went out to the MOW train sitting in a siding to go investigate, at the same time another loco was sent out to assist if necessary, the GP38 hauling the MOW consist opened up the throttles, there was a crunch and a bang and the loco lept forward. The engineer shut down the throttle just as the second loco came to a crunching halt.

    Investigation showed a ballast hopper on it's side, spilling onto the main line the second loco happened to be travelling down.

    Everything has been left in place while a cleaning crew is bought in and an investigation into the derailment is carried out. Initial suspicions are directed firmly at the hopper having been nudged by Catzilla!

    Right now I have to go to a third grade band practice - your sympathy would be appreciated!



    Building the first trans-Atlantic Railroad

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    Ah yes, the indominable "Catzilla." I have four of those monsters to contend with, but fortunately, only one lacks fear and will attack at "will." My compassion goes out to you Mike.

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        I can't decide which is worse: the ballast car derailment or a third-grade band practice Oh wait, I just remembered.... it could be even worse.... third-grade Open House preceded by a grinding, crushing, suffocating, mind-bogglingly boring PTA meeting ....... Mike, be thankful it's only a derailment! And don't go too hard on Catzilla

        Mike Chambers, General Supt.

        Central Missouri & Southern RR Co.

        Osage Valley Tie & Lmbr Co.


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          From skull island comes the beating of the drums and the chant of KING DOG!KING DOG,KING DOG! King Dog will go chase Catzilla!



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            OK, I survived the band practice - now I just have the concert to look forward to!

            Derailments all cleared up, the hopper is righted and back on the rails, the ballast was dealt with simply, I just brushed it along the rails and I'll probably spray some glue on it later - I hadn't ballasted that area yet and took advantage of the situation.

            As for Catzilla, well, since there are three and I don't know which one did it Catzilla survived to knock more cars over in the future.

            Now, in future I need to remember to take a walk round the layout before running trains to check for derailment!


            Building the first trans-Atlantic Railroad


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              Hi Mike B.,

              Thanks for sharing your derailment adventure...thought it only happens to me. And glad you survived the band practice! Hope "Kitty" is OK! Nice save of the ballast!

              Happy Railroading,

              L&N Debbie


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                I`m truely sorry about the band practice and the open house! I remember it well.What is worse is the science project most schools require which has become a parents science project.I thought I graduated already!