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  • Model Loco Inventory

    I was inventorying my entire collection last night to prepare car cards. Here's my current inventory of Rock Island locos only.

    #643 (E8A A unit & B unit / IHC)

    #4425 (GE U36B / Bachmann)

    #4310 (GP38-2 powered / Athearn)

    #4310 (GP38-2 dummy / Athearn)

    #5884 (EMD SD35 / Pemco)

    #6675 (Plymouth DDT / Model Power)

    #000 (Baldwin RF16 Sharknose / Tyco)


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    U36B? Never heard of it, but that doens't mean anything. However, RI didn't have any. Did you mean U33B?


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      Nope, I mean U36B, it's on the side of the box. Athearn and Bachmann are infamous for producing models that railroads never actually ran. Rock never owned a Sharknose either.



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        U33B, U36B--same thing. No external difference on model or prototype. Just 300 hp from settings on the engine. So, call your "U36B" a Rock Island U33B and enjoy it.


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          An excellent point; one I'd just never thought of. I'll change the road number to one appropriate for a ROCK U33B, and from that point onward I will consider it as such.



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            Hi Mike -

            My current fleet (all HO scale):

            GP7 #1298 red & black P2K

            GP9 #1313 maroon w/stripes P2K

            GP18 #1346 red & yellow P2K (on order)

            GP40 #385 maroon & yellow Atlas

            GP38-2 #4310 blue & white Athearn

            RS1 #747 black Atlas

            S1 #599 maroon Atlas

            SW9 #778 black P2K

            BL2 #425 maroon w/stripes P2K

            E6A #628 silver rocket P2K

            E8A #654 white rocket P2K .. E8A #2 bit the dust concrete :-(

            F7A #115 red & black Stewart

            U25B #201 maroon Stewart

            U33B #286 red & yellow Athearn

            SD40-2 #4793 red & yellow Athearn

            Doodlebug rocket #9090 Bachmann

            USRA 2-8-2 #2710 black Athearn Genesis

            - George

            Modeling the Rock Island Line in the QCA

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              HEY !!!

              I know that more people have RI models than just Mike and me !!!

              Here is a chance to create a RI "Master list" of model locomotives, so chime in ! No brag - just fact !!!

              One thing to point out is what SCALE your models are - mine are all HO (of the Highest Order).

              - George

              Modeling the Rock Island Line in the QCA


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                I posted mine once on the Atlas forum. Since then I have added only 1 switcher (I think). Still if you must know here it is again:

                GP7 - P2K (1)

                GP9 - P2K (4)

                SW9 - P2K (1)

                S1 - Atlas (2)

                U33B - Athearn (1)

                GP38-2 - Athearn (1)

                SW1500 - Athearn (1)

                E8A - P2K (1)

                E8A - IHC (2, 1 powered, 1 dummy)

                F7A - Mantua (2, 1 custom painted)

                FA1/B1 - P2K (2)

                FA1/B1 - Walthers (1)

                BL2 - P2K (2)

                Anybody with unwanted Rock Island locos please send them my way. They'll get a good home.

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                  Mine were all HO scale as well BTW.

                  No new additions or changes at this time, although there will be some road number changes over the next few months. I've got enuf RI locos for now, so I'm concentrating on my layout, and rolling stock et al.




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                    CAN one have too many RI locos ???

                    And that leads to the question - who of us is gonna fork over all that cash to get the new Athearn Genesis F7 A/B set in Rocket scheme ???? It's expensive, but should be one great loco set!

                    I'm trying to decide, myself ..... I have the Stewart in Freight Red & Black .... and E8A and E6A in Passenger Rocket colors ... and I already have the GP18 on order, which I DO need ... BUT ....

                    - George

                    Modeling the Rock Island Line in the QCA

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                      If and when the money is there you can bet I'll get each F7A Genesis RI scheme. And should I get lucky and win the lottery (fat chance since I don't play) I'll get the F7A/7B sets, too. Problem is I keep buying all those RI hoppers (only 3 more P2K to go and I'll have them all). And I have to get the new GP18 releases from P2K and the GP40 from Atlas and when will it end... if I'm lucky never.


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                        To "round out" my collection, there are still some

                        RI LOCOS WANTED (one of each):

                        1. RS-3 (the Rock had 35 of them) - hopefully Atlas will re-issue in another color scheme - maroon w/stripes would be cool

                        2. GP35 (34) - why hasn't this loco been made ???

                        3. SW8 (30) - WHY did P2K make this in the same scheme as the SW9 ??

                        4. GP7 (130) - have the r&b w/wings - P2K reissued in R&B w/o wings - why didn't they put it out in ROCK BLUE & WHITE ??? Or any OTHER scheme ????

                        5. E8A (19) - want in maroon w/yellow wings - was going to repaint one - before the crash :-(

                        6. F40PH (0) - ok - so MY RIL extends beyond 1980 (to 1996) as a regional line - they woulda bought one! Black w/ blue R (like the gondolas)

                        7. F7A/B (31) - in Rocket scheme - coming soon to an Athearn dealer near you! For a small pot of gold .....

                        8. C415 (10) - in red & yellow - e-Bay, the Galesburg show or a reissue ???

                        Some others I would like to see, but never will:

                        TA set (6), H15-44 (2), Davenport 44-ton (12), LWT-12 (3)

                        Well, if I could get all these, maybe I would be content ... nah!

                        - George

                        Modeling the Rock Island Line in the QCA

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                          What boggles me is the little research the loco manufacturers do, while they want $50US+ for their locos, while Microscale provides encyclopedias worth of info on each of their decal sets for only $5.




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                            That's true, Mike!

                            But I must say that Atlas, Life-like P2K, Stewart and Athearn Genesis are doing better!

                            I wouldn't trust some other makers to even know what models a road really had, much less have an accurate model of it!

                            - George

                            Modeling the Rock Island Line in the QCA


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                              Well add to my roster a Athearn F7 in Red & Black. Found it on Ebay. True its not the Genesis F7 but then neither was the price.