For the unlucky few who weren't able to catch it this weekend (or for the people on board who wondered what it looked like from the outside), clips of this weekend's runs are in the Other movie archive at .

First, the disappointment of someone walking right into a shot. Well, in this case, something rolling into a shot, as an R5 local picks the most inopportune time to amble by. Fortunately, I was shooting with 5 cameras, and at least a couple got good shots. For now, I have just put the clip from leading shot up on the site.

If anyone has ever had a chance to see a space shuttle liftoff as broadcast by the NASA channel, you will see where I got this idea from. If you haven't, NASA has cameras out the wazoo, all pointing you know where, and after the launch they show you every one of the camera angles (actually very cool!). So here are all 5 from Crum Lynne: From the photo line zoom, from the photo line wide, from the photo line low, from the station building approaching and from the station building going away. And all with the horns. If I have time and room, video from St. David's and Crum Lynne on Sunday will follow.