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    Better late than never, I always say. Welcome to the Rock Island forum; I am your moderator, rockislandmike (but you can call me Mike).

    I am by no means an expert on The Rock and its predecessors, but I am a big fan. And if I don't know the answer to any questions, I know some others who probably will.

    My fave era is "bankruptcy blue", although I have a wide mix of Rock Island locomotives from a variety of eras. I'd still like a steam loco though, and something in that snappy black and red paint scheme (perhaps a P2K). My newest purchases are twin Athearn GP38-2's (one powered one dummy) in the blue scheme, both of which still need Kadee #37's.

    I only have a small shelf layout in my home office right now, although I'm gonna start construction on a 7' x 10' layout in the garage this weekend.

    Anyways, welcome, and thanks for stopping by.


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    Right now P2k has both FA1/B1 and GP7's available in the red & black scheme, check with Caboose Hobbies in Denver,

    Athearn just announced the F7A and F7A/7B set in red & black, due out Aug 15.

    I'm more of a maroon and maroon w/pinstripe fan as that was what the Rock Island was running when I was a kid in Meade Kansas and I lived just 2 blocks from the tracks. Even got to ride a local passenger train being pulled by maroon F7 when I was in second grade. Still remember it to this day.


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      In 1995 my family and I had the good fortune to visit Rock Island, Illinois, and went to the site of their station in the town that provided the name.

      It was obvious that this had once been a VERY prosperous town. The station is a large structure, and beside it was a telecommunication building for telegraphy. The platforms and shelters were still in place. The yard was a fair size too.

      In the area that was the garden in front of the station, there was a large granite structure that was erected by the railway to commemorate their Centennial. The willow trees planted on either side of the memorial were starting to hide the thing.

      I would hope that all C.R.I.P. fans have a chance to visit the town and the station site.

      The U.P. crosses the Mississippi north of there and is a very busy line. The track and bridge across the river are double tracked, a sign of a busy road. I wonder what would have happened if the U.P. had not been delayed in getting permission to take over?

      There is also a MILW bridge, now permanantly in the 'open' position and a big freight shed from the MILW.

      I would hope as many C.R.I.P. fans can get there as possible.

      Personnally, I am a C.P. Rail fan.


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        Welcome AER, nice to see you here!! Any suggestions for this forum are welcomed

        Modeling the NYC railroad

        (Not Yet Completed Railroad)



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          A Huge welcome to Rock Island fans and to you Mike!

          Can I admit to being a closet admirer?

          One thing about the Rock, you can model any paint scheme you want to because they had it sometime or other!

          2 quick Rock memories for you:

          I was riding the Peoria Rocket to Chicago and the ride was real rough so the conductor says' "it'll be better when we get back on the tracks". He wasn't kidding, I don't think.

          How 'bout this, riding the former Rock Island to Limon Co in 1987, picking up cars from the Kyle RY connection and ordering a pizza in downtown Limon, asking them to deliver it to the locomotive at the station. It was good, by the way!

          We did get to go thru the old depot at Limon and found several items left over pads, orders, etc. I'll never forget that trip.

          Well, enough, but welcome Rock fans!
          Caribou & Sierra Falls Ry.