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  • Altoona DERAILMENT

    heres a link to info/photos. Bill

    NOTCH 8
    SHUT UP your in a PA!

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    Bill, thanks for the site, quality photo's

    Modeling the NYC railroad

    (Not Yet Completed Railroad)



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      For those not familiar, here is the latest from one of the local radio stations in Altoona:

      A rock slide caused a three-train, chain collision that injured a construction worker in western Pennsylvania, railroad officials said.

      Norfolk Southern spokesman Rudy Husband said the accident happened Tuesday afternoon after rocks fell on a westbound coal train, derailing 13 cars into an oncoming cargo train near Logan Township, about 80 miles east of Pittsburgh.

      That collision sent three more cars into another eastbound train, setting it on fire and touching off a small brush fire.

      "All the trains were moving, there was a lot of confusion up there," Husband said.

      None of the derailed cars held hazardous materials and none of the trains' crew was injured.

      The rock slide also trapped a Norfolk Southern worker on a backhoe under rocks next to the train, Husband said. The worker was taken to an Altoona hospital where he was treated for a broken ankle and leg.

      Husband said officials were unsure what caused the rock slide, but workers had been removing rock from an incline behind the tracks in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of rock slides and flooding.



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        Here is what had:

        Rock slide causes chain-reaction derailment on Norfolk Southern

        Norfolk Southern’s busy triple-track former Pennsylvania Railroad main line was blocked west of Altoona, Pa., yesterday after a rock slide caused a chain-reaction derailment involving three trains.

        No train crew members were injured, but a backhoe operator working near the site of the 4:24 p.m. slide at McGarvey, Pa., was pinned in the cab of the backhoe. He was airlifted to a hospital, where he was admitted with a broken left leg and a broken right ankle.

        The slide at Milepost 239.5 on the Pittsburgh Line derailed empty hopper train 593, which was running westward on Track 3, according to the NS report on the wreck. Thirteen of its hoppers derailed, with some of the wreckage spilling into eastward intermodal train 20G, which was occupying Track 2. Three of train 20G’s double-stack cars, loaded with 15 containers, derailed. Eastward coal train 506, on Track 1, sideswiped the wreckage from 20G, derailing one hopper car.

        A load of solvents aboard one of train 20G’s containers caught fire and sparked a brush fire on the adjacent mountainside. A helicopter and local firefighters extinguished the blaze at 6:30 p.m.

        NS reopened Track 1 at 3:15 a.m. today, spokesman Rudy Husband said. The railroad expected to reopen Track 2 this afternoon. It was unclear when Track 3, which was affected by the slide, would reopen. “It was a pretty big slide,” Husband said.

        For about the past year, NS has been whittling away at the rock ledges west of Altoona. NS wanted to reduce drainage problems and rock slides by creating 30 feet of clearance between the ledges and the tracks, Husband said.

        The backhoe operator was not working directly at the site of the slide, Husband said, but since the rocks and mud broke loose at a 45-degree angle to the tracks, the debris wound up over the backhoe. A geologist is working to pinpoint the cause of the slide, Husband said.

        No trains were detoured on account of the wreck, Husband said, but NS advised shippers to expect delays of up to 24 hours on traffic moving through the area. Amtrak bused passengers between Altoona and Pittsburgh.

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        Modeling the NYC railroad

        (Not Yet Completed Railroad)



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          If you look at the pics of the backhoe crushed by the hopper, it's amazing that he got away with just a broken leg!