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  • Ceramcoat__Name & # = Polly Scale Name & #

    This post appeared on the Atlas forum. TomasSz has given me permission to post it here. His only concern was that John Dalton and Chris Thayer received recognition for their work.

    There was a jovial fellow named John Dalton on Rec.Models.Railroad who was a great proponent of these paints for years. They are available in craft stores in a huge number of pre-mixed colors and seemingly under other names as well. Here is some info I took from RMR posts over the years on these paints. Big John would have been very happy to know that this information is being passed on in his memory.

    The following is something I saved from RMR. It was written, in whole or in part, by another RMR fellow named Chris Thayer. Chris even managed to compare Ceramcoat to standard model RR colors. I hope he does not mind my reposting this great info of his.


    Sandstone is a good match for aged concrete.

    Autumn Brown is a good general rust color, especially for seldom-used tracks or general weathering washes.

    There's a gray that's almost identical to SP Lettering gray, which I can't think of the name for right now (something "mist" maybe?). I use it for flat car decks, then weather with a black wash for excellent results.

    Charcoal is close to grimey black.

    Brown iron oxide and red iron oxide are both good to have on hand, as both looks like standard box car/rolling stock, colors. Red iron oxide is great for industrial scenes -- kind of like red primer in color.

    Candy bar brown is -close- to Tuscan, more like a weathered tuscan though. If anyone has anything closer to tuscan, let me know.

    I've airbrushed them with pretty good success. Definitely a 50-50 mix, but use thinner not water. Someone told me that you could use distilled water, but I was getting too many spatters with water. Thinner corrected the problem.

    ************************************************** *

    Ceramcoat name and number = Polly Scale name and number.

    Midnight Blue 02114 = C & O Enchantment Blue 414260

    Red Iron Oxide 02020 = Zinc Chrm. Primer 414293

    Brown Iron Oxide 02023 = Milwaukee Road Maroon 414155

    Quaker Grey 02057 = D & H Grey 414197

    Antique Gold 02002 = CP Yellow 404058

    Dark Jungle Green 02420 = MEC Pine Green 414188

    Gamal Green 02120 = CNW Green 414188

    Black 02506 = Engine Black 414290

    Fjord Blue 02104 = B & O Royal Blue 414269

    Hammered Iron 02094 = Pullman Green 414284

    Paynes Grey 02512 = Grimey Black 414137

    More colors, that are useful:

    Sandstone 02402 = Close to Aged Concrete, but more yellow

    Mudstone 02488 = More grey than Earth, more brown than Concrete

    Western Sunset Yellow 025454 = More yellow than Sand

    Black Green 02116 = Nada, zip, but a great color. Same for Avocado 02006.

    Phthalo Blue 02502 = A way-too-vibrant dark blue, don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. It's gonna need some serious mixing to be worth using.


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