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  • Long time lurker speaks....


    I've been lurking here for well over a year. I was encouraged to look at RR-L by Mark R., who also encouraged me to get back into modeling by sending me a care package many months ago. And I have begun to do things again to a small extent. I've had RR models around since the mid-1950's. However,when I have serious time to spend on railroad interests it has always gone first to RR history, research and some writing on logging lines, geared locomotives, etc. My remaining energy for modeling has, therefore, always suffered. This has been true all my life; but I can't complain about the few things I've seen go to print and it has likely contributed to historic preservation in a small way.

    So now my wife and I have moved away from my native NW Washington state Douglas Fir region to the more sensibly populated, though tree-less, baren prairies of Eastern Washington where my wife is from. I can see my nearest neighbor from my front window...he's a couple miles away. No trees whatsoever to block the view. I joke with the locals about their lack of logging railroads and for the most part they humor me. I am also more peaceful and content than I've been for many years.

    It's now 25F outside, dropping, with a light snowfall. It's way too cold to go to the shop and work on the C7 speeder and I'm a bit burned out on history for a while. I walked by the basement cupboards where my RR models are safely stored and hear their whimpering that they have not seen the light-of-day for a long time. So here I am on this forum digging around to renew a project. I'll post a basic question or two elsewhere here.

    I will say this is the most impressive RR forum system I've ever seen. Great stuff here and I appreciate all you folks have posted. I need to explore weathering again. Questions coming. Thanks for listening, Dennis B. Thompson, Odessa/Ritzville, WA state.
    Dennis in the nearly deserted prairies of Eastern Washington state wheatlands

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    Hello, Dennis, and welcome to the RR-L. As you've already seen, there's a great wealth of modeling talent and expertise here; I know I learn a lot from them every day. And I'm looking forward to you liberating those models from the basement cupboards!


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      Welcome aboard, Dennis, from another Washington-ian. If you are over this side of the mountains, and want to visit another Forum member (me), let me know....Tabooma County welcomes visitors!


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        Hi Dennis I am glad you have enjoyed our banter. I hear those safely stored trains calling you.
        Chris Lyon


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          Welcome aboard,and glad Mark R recommended us to you.


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            Welcome and hope you enjoy the trip, great folks here.


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              Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to you joining in and enjoying the fun and friendships.

              Peter [:-kitty]


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                Hi Dennis,

                Nice to hear from you, and hear you are doing well(Though sorry to hear you had to leave the trees). I don't envy you having to move all the "history". The modeling should be a nice/different change of pace. Hope to see your progress.

                When you get the chance, please shoot me an email with your new address and info.



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                  Welcome to the forum! Although I'm not from Washington, one of our son's currently lives in the Puyallup area, so we visit with some frequency. I'm looking forward to seeing some of those model railroading projects in progress.


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                    Welcome to this fine forum. If you are into modelling fine structures, with lots of details, or great vehicles, no doubt you'll find on this forum lots of ideas. And even if you just want to chat a little, you must have already seen how friendly everybody is here.


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                      M A R C !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good hearing from you. Yes, we're doing fine. Do I miss the the trees? NO. Fifteen years ago my late, dear old logger friend told me, "Dennis, pretty soon ain't 'gonna be fit to live here." He was right. Too much rain, too much metro, way too many I can remember Sedro Woolley when you didn't go downtown on Friday or Saturday nights unless you KNEW the tarheel loggers, (I did), were related to them, (I am), or had your own personal brown paper bag containing moonshine, (I didn't).

                      Moving my, "history," stuff wasn't that bad....I just wrote Allied a check. Here we have 5 acres, my own '49 GMC grain truck with original 30K miles, tractor, barn, shop, chicken house, windbreak and most of an old German church that my wife's ancestors attended, (wife is related to 70% of the farmers here....they all immigrated from the same place). We have high speed internet via radio that bounces off a nearby grain elevator on it's way to town. Co-op power company...I read our own meter each month or when I remember it. Get about 5 cars by the house per day on a busy day. Locals don't take to outsiders here much, good thing my wife's related to them.

                      Email here is: drop me a note.


                      Dennis in the nearly deserted prairies of Eastern Washington state wheatlands


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                        Hello Dennis, glad to have you aboard and happy to see that you've renewed some acquaintences! [:-apple] [:-apple]
                        Mike Hamer

                        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                          Welcome to the forum, Dennis. I'm sure there is some here that can answer you questions.


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                            Dennis, . .Welcome Aboard! . .Thanks for signing on, and for the delightful introduction. From another Pacific Northwesterner Southwest of you.


                            Originally posted by DennisT

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                              Dennis....thinking about early may have found the motherlode....tom