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    Originally posted by Jerry M

    Thank's Randy and David and Rick, I just spent a couple hours on the net and it's a wasteland for 1:48 plenty of 1:43. I was just sitting here trying to figure out on the calculator the size comparison. 1/4 vs 1/43 and it's not a whole bunch. I guess it depends on the manuf. of the vehicle and how close to scale they stay. Sure would seem a lucrative market for someone, you would think the common 1/4 to the inch that has been around forever would have a better showing.


    If I remember my faction division correctly (umm, invert and multiply, divide numerator by denominator x 100), a 1/48 scale car is about 90% the size of a 1/43 car. So the 1/43 is about 10% too big. Depending on the design of the vehicle that's probably not real obvious. I have this memory that old English O scale was 1/43 which might explain the car scale.

    Randy, the shot of the trucks with the On30 loco looks good to me. Course the trucks are waaay too clean!