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Modelling the backs of buildings

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  • Modelling the backs of buildings

    Hi Guys,

    You'll have to forgive me for not posting pics (yet) but my camera's not working so I need to get hold of a new one.

    Anyhoo, I'm working on a small layout set in the Wild West, using this track plan;

    The two tracks that run off to the left go off to staging.

    Because it's set in the Wild West, a sorta mining operation, I'd love to include some false front structures in the background behind the rear track at the right. If I model the front of them, I can't help but feel that the railroad would not be running right in front of the doorways of all the businesses, so what I propose to do is model the back of them, with the back of the false front, maybe little lean-to's and stairways.

    The railroad would run behind them, right?

    I've got some nice Rusty Rails castings such as broken cars and oil cans, so I think they'd work well.

    What are people's thoughts on this, and does anyone have any pics of the backs of such structures?


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    You got the right idea about putting the backs facing the tracks. Sorry but I don't have any pics but I'm sure others here do and will post some.


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      I can't see the pic you posted but when I get a chance to get into the pictures I have ( in hard copy) I'll scan them and get them up here for you. Likely after the CSS '07, I'm running outta time..........



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        Hey Guys,

        I've decided to go with the front of the structures - I've already built 3 (I posted them before, they're the quirky, dark ones) so I'm going to run with those.

        I think they'll place the layout very definitely in America, and hopefully I'll still be able to incorporate some of the nice castings.

        I'd love to see your pics Steve, whenever you post them, no rush


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          Looks like it'll be later, as in after I get back from CSS '07. But I will definitely dig them out!