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Tall Tall Trees Attempt;

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  • Tall Tall Trees Attempt;

    Well fellows heres my attempt at the Tall Tall trees;,,,,,,,1"1/4 - 1" 1/2 pine dowels,,

    ( 18",24",&30" tall ),sanding one end to a tapered end,,,,taking a fine tooth saw and rasping the dowel sideways till rough,,,,staining- redwood&/browns,,,,,cut out furnace filter bows spray painted dark green and woodland scenics flocked,,,drill random holes for dead branches/sticks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there not to bad looking,,,,I made my foilage heavyer on top than the Red Rocks Railroad trees to simulate more like tall Pondarosa Pines found here in the Northwest Cascades.....> there temperarily mounted onto a display shelf
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    Randy, I think you have made a good first attempt but I would love to see a little more air in between the branches, I have included a link which should maybe help with some visuals. Pat


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      I wanted them fuller on top,,,,but I agree with you as not so dense,,,,show more trunk and air,,,that will be the aim on the next seven Tall Tall Trees,,,,learning as I go'''''''''Randy


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        Good looking trees Randy, they certainly put a size perspective to the trains, they look just right. I will concur with Pat on the 'see through' feel that they need. These initial trees will be great against the backdrop to give the perception of a dense forrest with the more airy trees towards the front and foreground.

        I also did alot of experimentation with trees a while ago and ended up with several hundred different trees, most of which did not come out as well as hoped for, dont discard these attempts though as they work as great filler material in wooded areas and blend right in behind the others.

        Two suggestions for you to experiment with, try using static grass to flock them with for a more 'piney' look, also some colour variations both in different trees and also on the same tree.

        Looking great so far.