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Converting HO Industrial Switchers to On30

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  • Converting HO Industrial Switchers to On30

    Has anyone had any success in quick and easy conversions of the ubiquitous 4-wheel industrial switcher availabe in HO into On30? Years ago I saw in a magazine a photo of what I think was an N scale switcher that had the cap chopped off about half-way up and appeared to be used as a small open air industrial switcher for HOn30.

    I'm in the proceess of doing this for On30 and will post a picture when done. All I'm planing to do is cut down the cab (leaving some short walls and a "tool box" at the back), cut out the weight in the cab to provide some open space, and put in a new floor and some details like a larger headlight and fake controls. I realize that someone could go really far with such a project and widen the frame, etc., but I want to make this a quick and easy project that while not perfect would make a convincing little loco to shunt cars around -- similar to a mining loco. Any thoughts or sharing on similar success would be welcome.


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    Here is a site that has some kit bashing parts & supplies for what your asking about. although there are other companies. Perhaps someone else will post other options.

    I haven't used any of the products from this company I posted, Only due to scratch building them all myself. I do have a wish list for them

    Best regards, Bob H


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      Thanks, Bob. Looks like some nice supplies here.