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1/4 scale Coastal Tug Boat"???

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  • 1/4 scale Coastal Tug Boat"???

    has anybody had any luck in finding a turn of the century

    "Coastal Tug boat",,,,,, Kit, or a scratch built building idea, in O scale,,,

    1:43-1:48....... 1/4 scale

    thanks for any insights or leads,,,,,

    Randy May :erm:

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    Someone here in another section posted this link to Deerfield River Laser.

    I know nothing about this company, but it looked like they have some interesting stuff/useful stuff as a starting point for some O-scale boats. They do have a Tug listed, but it might be "earlier" than what you are after.



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      Thanks for the link. I'm approaching the point of needing a few boats for my RR in O scale and they are not that easy to find.

      Peter [:-kitty]


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        Hey Marc, thank's for the link, I somehow missed this one. Have some worthwile items. Jerry


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          Randy, this might be more or a project then you had in mind however, Blue Jacket offers a wooden Tug called the Sequin in 1/4" scale. See the following link: . John


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            I've seen it and it is exactly what I need,,,but I dont think I'm skilled enough for it: maybe someone else tho,it is a beautiful model on a late 1800's Coastal Tug Boat.


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              Good evening folks,

              I know Ed and Diane fairly well and I can certainly tell you Ed turns out a real nice kit. Not only does he have a tug boat kit but a two track railbarge and a lake crusier all within the same general time frame. Since my railroad is being back dated to the 1900-1930 time frame and has numerous water connections, Ed's boats fill my needs perfectly.

              I have done a number of reviews on Deerfield's contributions to the hobby and easily recommend them to one and all. The nice thing with the boats you can go on any of the boat kit company's and buy additional detail parts to jazz up your models.

              Lastly, Ed is a very honest person and he does listen if you need a kit designed and laser cut. He currently produces a line of Bare Bone buildings that you might fine very useful in your search for small buildings.