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before and after On30 / O scale toy trucks

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  • before and after On30 / O scale toy trucks

    before and after On30 / O scale toy trucks

    a common toy truck 1934' Ford BB-157 "Tins Toys",,,comes in 4 models,,, a stake flatbed,,,a dump truck,,,a tanker truck,,,a wrecker truck,,,readily available on E-bay under "1:43 diecast".........if you add the year "1:43 Diecast 1934",,,it will bring up only the vehicles available from that year,,,,heres a couple I trashed for a logging company,,,,enjoy,,,Randy May

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    Hey Randy, I like what you did here with these trucks. O scale 1/48 vehicles are in my experience hard to find. HO stuff all over the place, but not much O.

    I only have a few so far and am always looking but I was under the impression the 1/43 were to large? I have been looking for 1/50 thinking they would be more to correct size but it looks like yours in the pictures if those are O scale people are pretty good. How do they scale out?

    Welcome to the forum,,,,,,Jerry


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      These look pretty good Randy! I picked up half a dozen of these awhile ago and was pretty pleased about the detail and size. Haven't done any bashing yet but you've given me a bit of incentive here!!



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        Thanks for the heads up re these trucks - I got a wrecker from a forum member recently to make a railtruck, and noted the model is quite nice. Checking out eBay I see the ones you mentioned, with starting prices from $5.99 to $9.99. What caught my eye though were the auctions for 4 similar models with a "Buy it Now" price of $17.99. I ordered four with the dump box as in your models. Can't beat the price! There were similar auctions for 4 of the other types too.

        Checked out the 1:50 diecast, wasn't much available, mostly newer trucks.


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          If you use them with 1:43 people & in the foreground, you should be fine.

          -david j


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            I was exactly like you all in wanting to see what vehicles were available for modeling On30,,,coming from years with HO and so many cars and trucks,,it appeared to be not to much for On30/O 1:48 scale,,,,eventually I came across hundreds of vehicles on e-bay under the heading of 1:43 diecast,,,,,example;

            Type in 1:43 diecast 1925,,,,,,,,,,,you type in the year your intrested in,,,then just change the year as you want to see whats available year by year ,,,,for me I was looking for vehicles 1925 thru 1935 for my On30 modeling,,,,before Xmas there seemed to be even more to choose from,,,,

            brands-( ERTL,ELIGOR,MATCHBOX,etc.),,very good detail,,,,,,I think 1:43 looks way better than 1:48 against O scale buildings,,,O scale people look great against 1:43 vehicles,,,,,there are alot of options in 1:43 scale,I was able to get 40 different vehicles from 1925-1935 off of Ebay!!!!


            luck,,Randy May


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              Good deal!

              I used one of these as a box truck for my Hap Hazzards in O scale.

              I didnt like the look of the GIANT square thing at the rear frame.

              I just cut off the rear frame and made a new one.

              I'll have to see if I have any pictures.



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                Yes,,,,you will want to get rid of the self propelling device on the rear axle,,,,,the ones I bashed have that device removed,,,,,this was the only model I have gotten that has that device,,,ERTL,,ELIGOR,,,MATCHBOX,,,etc...very authentic details...Randy May


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                  I saw a flatbed on ebay for a decent price so I bought it so I can have one in my own hands for examination. The fact that it has a detailed engine bay sold me on giving it a chance. The seller said it's 5.5" longer, that scales out to 22 ft in O scale, which I beleive is probably 2 to 4 ft too long.



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                    ya the 1934 Ford is 5 3/4" long x 1 3/4 wide,,,,thats 23'x7' in 1/4 scale,,,( it appears to be a ton & ahalf truck )..............heres some pics of another little truck by ERTL, a 1930 chevy flat bed,,,1:43 diecast,,,,useually lots of them availble on ebay----( 1:43 diecast 1930 )you wont need to do anything to this little truck other than weathering it.( this little truck strikes me as a 1 ton truck ),,, Randy May

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                      the little ERTL 1930 truck is 4 3/4" x 1 5/8",,,thats 19'x 6'3" in 1/4 scale


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                        fellows,,,,heres some pics of 1:43 vehicles against On30 engines,,,O scale Walthers station,,,and a couple of woodland scenics O scale figuers,,,,displayed are the "1934 Ford Trucks",,,Diecast vehicles from "ERTL",,"ELIGOR",,,"MATCHBOX YESTERYEAR"etc.....Randy May

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                          Thank's for the pic's Randy, they do indeed look proportionaly correct. Your post has sent me on a e-bay search and I found a few to try. Thank you for the ideas.....Jerry