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    One of the main interests of folks that read my column in Toy Trucker Magazine is new releases. Now I don't have a magic ball and I don't know a lot of folks in the industry but I do pay attention to what's showing up on the shelves of our LHS's. So I thought I'd share (and welcome anyone else to do the same) some of the things we have newly available.

    Sylvan Scale has some of the nicest little resin castings in 1/87. They're relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to build. Clare's latest additions are this 1941-46 Freuhauf furniture van

    The '37 HudsonTerraplane in a panel wagon

    And the '37 Chevy Suburban

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    Thanks Chester for the information.

    I like the idea of a single thread to list new products that members might find.

    Until now the new products are in many different threads which seem difficult to find when in need of something.

    I will make this a sticky thread so that anyone who finds a new product of interest may list it here.

    Just a reminder this thread is for the members to list new products of interest and not for the manufacturers themselves as that is a violation of the forum rules.
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      I just started seeing the Jordan Erie Steam Crane kit #304 being sold. This is a release of the classic Vintage Vehicles kit which was unavailable until now. The steam crane was released some time ago with a good response. Now there is a second goodie for us to grab at a resonable price. If your favorite dealer dosen't have it yet, be patient a little while longer. It is worth the wait!



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        Hi, Chester-

        I'm not familiar with Sylvan Scale, but I'd love to have an HO '37 Hudson and Chevy. Unfortunately, the models in your photos look pretty clunky. Could you please review them further with an eye to making them foreground models, if that might be possible.



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          Thanks for the info, Chester. This "sticky" is a great and informative idea.

          The new stuff looks pretty good, but I'm having a problem with those cockeyed

          front side windows on the Suburban. Looks like an easy fix, though.
          Ken Hamilton


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            Looks like Ton (Tonkin) is now offering 3 trucks in 1/87 now. The Volvo VNL780 which has been out for a while. But the Freightliner Columbia and Western Star 4900EX are new.



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              All I can say about these expected releases from Ricko is, absolutely gorgeous.



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                Looks like Ton (Tonkin) has one more soon to be released. Another Kenworth W900. Here's a preproduction photo.



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                  Classic Metal Works will be releasing a '54 ford oil truck and a '50 dodge sedan sometime in'08.Also look for Athearn's model of the 850 truck with a stake body about same time/mike h.


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                    A c.1930-40 Refueling Truck Model, in 1/48 scale from Hauler, that looks like it has sme great kitbashing potential.


                    You can Click on the individual images, and get a bigger version of the pic.

                    Don't know the price yet, but their other stuff is reasonable, and good quality.


                    [EDIT]: bad just found the price. 61 Euros....Ouch![B)] ...with todays rate thats about $100![:-bigeyes2]id="size3">


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                      Good stuff for sure Marc, I buy a lot of the Hauler photo etched accessories in 1/87 and it's a very crisp and highly detailed product. For those interested in the 1/87 scale products from these folks, their 1/87 scale distributor in the U.S. is Fidelis Models.



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                        More new stuff from Clare Gilbert at Sylvan Scale. This is a really great resin '47 - '54 American LaFrance pumper in a closed and Bermuda cab. These will be available starting Jan. 26 at the Springfield show.



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                          Hi, Chester-

                          In a previous post in this thread I commented that Sylvan's own photos of their painted models make them look pretty clunky. (The above pumper appears to be an exception.)


                          However, since they make kits for several trucks that perfectly fit my modeling era, (1942) I located one of their rare dealers here in NJ and bought a few. To my surprise the Sylvan kits are actually not clunky at all, but are very nice resin castings! There's no reason why these kits shouldn't look as good as, say, a well built Jordan if painted properly.

                          Since I've never built a resin kit before, I could shoot and post photos as I build one of the truck kits if anyone would be interested.


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                            Chester, that is one NEAT fire truck! One of those will be on my shopping list, for sure!

                            Dave, sure, please post photos of your build - always looking for inspiration and new techniques!


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                              Dave, by all means please let's see how you're making out with vehicle builds. And yes, I give very high marks for quality of casting for Sylvan. They can be finished for up front anyday.

                              And for some more good news in releases, Athearn will be offering the Ford F850 in a wrecker unit featuring the Holmes twin boom body they had on the R and the B model Macks. Sorry, no pics yet.

                              As if that wasn't enough new stuff, one more georgeous resin kit in fire equipment is the Ward LaFrance P-80 cab. This kit is cab and interior only but the casting is just immaculate and full of detail from Ralph Ratcliffe models.