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Rolling Stock for The DK-and-SR

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    Here's some shots of the underside of the flatcar frame, first the needle beam:

    And the bolster, if I use a 6x10 here on the next version I'll notch the ends properly, like the needle beams, and have it span the full width of the car. I've been tempted to try adding the bolster truss rods, but not yet!

    And the simple jig I made to hold everything together:

    Hope that helps,



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      Cody, many thanks. That does indeed help a lot!


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        Thanks for the interesting shots Cody. Indeed this kind of method makes the building of a whole series of frames a relatively easy, short, work. A jig to keep when the work is done...


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          Greetings Folks,

          Here's the most recent picture of the Carter Flatcar:

          I painted the frame (D&RGW Frieght Red) and added the deck (2x8s) and some stirrups (Grandt Line). You can't really tell in the photo but somehow the frame is twisted slightly along it's length. I think it's too late to do anything about it now, hopefully the next one will stay straight...

          It still needs end bolts (Grandt Line makes the correct eliptical washer NBWs that Carter used), some brakes, and I think I'll add NBWs for the draft timber on the deck (even though my model doesn't have draft timbers [:-yawn] )

          Criticism & Comments always welcome!