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Darjeeling -and- Kiso - HOn30 trackplan

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  • Darjeeling -and- Kiso - HOn30 trackplan

    Greetings again folks,

    Well after I finished desiging a track plan for the Saco section of my proposed new layout (, I've started a design for the rest of it.

    This section has a more international flavor and includes the town of Darjeeling (India) and Kisofukushima (Japan). I've also managed to shoehorn in a small HOn3 logging line on a penisula, sort of like an embedded mini layout. The Darjeeling section will have a steep grade up to the station with the tracks running between a road and several buildings, much like this photo Peter (peterpools) posted a while ago: The Kiso section will be a small yard and a bunch of the crazy rollercoastering trestle madness that I love so much. Like this:

    I'll be starting with the Saco section because the other end of the room needs some modification before the DHR & Kiso sections can be built.

    Here's the plan:


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    I'm not really an expert at judging the qualities and drawbacks of a trackplan so I won't elaborate about that, except to say that it looks good to me.

    What I wanted to tell you is that I find your international layout an excellent idea. The Darjeeling railway is a jewel, and from what I've seen in the seldom pictures I could get of Kiso, it's a great railroad too.

    When I tried your link to the Kiso model railroad it initially didn't work, until I noticed there's a dot at the end of the address that shouldn't be there. It should be

    which displays some magnificent and intriguing tiny, fragile looking, track work. It looks like a great source of inspiration. You know what you have to do now...


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      Great stuff Cody! I love the three-nation railroad concept. I have some great memories of visiting Darjeeling and the Himalayan Railway. I can see you're going to try and reproduce the narrow street with those overhanging structures the crowded ROW and all of the pedestrians, animals, bicycles, mopeds, and little cars. Now if you can only reproduce the noise and smells!?!?!

      --Rich B.


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        What strikes me above all else, is the flow of the track plan. The design just blends together.

        Peter [:-kitty]