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  • Atlas vehicle releases

    A few new vehicle releases from Atlas. The step van looks promising.

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    It seems like a slightly bizarre and eclectic selection of vehicles. It is hard to imagine that anyone sat down and decided that these 4 were the ideal models to use to enter the market.


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      I have to agree. A very strange mix. Other than the step van, one would have to wonder who is doing their marketing research. Danny


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        Pricey in this day of Fresh Cherries and Malibu cars.
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          A bit pricey, I agree. However, I just have to get one of those 1936 Chrysler Airflows for my dad.


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            Originally posted by Danny Head

            I have to agree. A very strange mix. Other than the step van, one would have to wonder who is doing their marketing research. Danny

            Right on, Danny, I am wondering the same thing myself. I can see a couple of those step vans, though......


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              I would like to see one up close. The detail looks pretty darn good. The step van would be my choice as well. Its nice to see more manufactures coming out with vehicles.

              Thanks Chester for the link.


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                I'm cheap... at that price, they can keep 'em.

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                  From what I can gather, the Chrysler Airflow was mastered by the fellow that does the Ricko models. I think these are pretty high quality models.

                  And don't get spoiled by the Malibu series. Hi Speed, the manufacturer, had a contract cancelled with Model Power and Schuco for these models. What is showing up in WalMarts is what they have left over and I don't know if we'll be seeing any more.

                  As far as the selection, what we have to understand is that we here in the U.S. and Canada only make up about 20% of the purchases of 1/87 scale model vehicles. Look at the selection of trucks from Herpa for instance. So much of what manufacturers produce is targeting European collectors and modelers. Looking at it from this standpoint, they will probably do well.


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                    The step-van looks promising, but it needs some regional bakery names(Freihoffer's,Wonderbread, and others), for example.


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                      Hi Guys:

                      I saw them on the Atlas web site and will be back ordering them Monday.

                      Karl S.


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                        I really like these new vehicles from Atlas. The Chrysler Airflow is a welcome addition. I like the fact that they are something totally new & different from what has been offered up until now. If it is true they were mastered by the fellow that does the Ricko models, then they should be well done.

                        I also like the 1914 Austro Daimler & the 1908 Austro Daimler 28/35 Maja Engine.

                        I ordered all 6 through my hobby shop. I am looking forward to getting them. As far as I know, we have never had anything like these models offered in HO scale before.