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    For the last six weeks I've walked back and forth past the workbench going to the fridge. Finally got sick of it and decided to sit down. Still got one good hand!

    The first thing I did was give the sign a coat of burnt sienna. After that dried I sprinkled some rust power about and then set it with some

    rubbing alcohol. I then applied a coat of desert sand which is the same color as the large door.

    After that dried I started to scrape some of the paint which covered the rust. I then sealed it with a couple of coats of Dulcote. It still needs a little more work.

    Can't explain how good it felt to actually model again.
    In memory of Mike Chambers


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      Nice rust effect on the sign, Ken.

      The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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        Very nice weathering on your sign Ken. Great great work.


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          Pretty good for one arm. In fact darn good for both hands working. I like the way the rust spots turned out. As always Ken, a great looking piece of modeling. Here's hoping for the best with the damaged nerves.


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            Dang that looks great, the little rust spots. Well it looks terrific ....looks like I am aging well.

            Very happy to see you back at it Ken.

            BOLTS BOLTS.....are those NBW casting painted silver. nice look.


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              Ken, the rust on the sign looks perfect! Some great modeling there - glad to see you're back at it! :up:


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                Thanks guys :up:

                Tim, they are not weathered yet[:-blindfold]

                Question for everyone...what would you use to attach the letters to the wood? Nails? Small bolts? Screws?

                Attached from the front or back? I need to show something that holds them up. Or did they use brackets from behind and I shouldn't worry about it?

                Thanks for your help
                In memory of Mike Chambers


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                  Since the letters are rusting I assume they are made of steel. My guess is that the letters were welded to the sign bracket behind. The sign was probably made by the owner of the shop and since its a welding shop, most everything would be steel and welded.

                  I think they look fine the way they are, is my opinion. Will see what others think.


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                    Ken that sign (as well as the whole wall) looks outstanding! Best of luck with the healing process as well.


                    • Looks real good Ken.

                      I hope also that you heal quickly as I have missed your posting on the forum.
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                      • Looks okay as-is to me, too. Tim's probably right about

                        the all-welded-steel approach of the shop owner.
                        Ken Hamilton




                        • After walking past this project every day for the last five months, it's time to give it a go.

                          I poured the last wall yesterday and started carving the bricks today. With the plaster still a little soft, it makes the carving a little easier.

                          The building will only have three walls as the back will hold a battery pack and switch for some lighting. I'll finish the roof so it looks like four walls.

                          It's a start...[:-jump2]...again
                          In memory of Mike Chambers


                          • Great to se you back Ken, I was hoping that I'd get to see some more of your outstanding work! Looking forward to seeing this wall.



                            • Hi Ken, it realy is good to see you back at it. I will be following along for sure.

                              You probably answered this question somewhere before, but what do you use for

                              plaster and the consistency. Your wall appears to have virtually no air bubbles.


                              • Thanks Steve.

                                Tim, I use Sheetrock plaster of paris mixed to the consistancy of white glue. I pour over glass first brushed with a mixture of water/dish soap. Really helps with eliminating air bubbles and gives a very smooth finish to the plaster.
                                In memory of Mike Chambers