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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. This large stuff is fun...just might have to get out the Barbie and Ken doll[:-bigmouth]

    Did a little more work on the shop. Thought I was done with the scary stuff, but I had to inset the lintel into the wall. I only had 1/16" thick plastic angle so I got out the knife and started carving...really slow.

    Also got a good start on the window.

    The next thing I struggled with was a color for the bricks. Didn't want I started with a coat of Floquil Aged Concrete. When that dried I flowed on a very thinned Poly Scale brown wash just for contrast.

    Looks pretty crappy right now...[:-blindfold]

    The paint just wouldn't flow into the cracks[!]

    Next I ground up some dark gray chalk and brushed it onto the wall filling up the grout lines. I wanted a fairly weathered looking wall. When I was satisfied with the look I gave it a shot of Dulcote.

    I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out...what do you guys think?
    In memory of Mike Chambers


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      Ken, it looks very good in my book!


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        Ken, the gray chalk really made a difference on the wall. It looks great.

        The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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          When you going to start making kits? The completed wall looks incredible in my eyes. Nice work.

          Do you have cardstock glued to the backside of the plaster casting?


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            WOW! I think that you should be satisfied with the finish! Great looking wall Ken!

            You mentioned earlier about Ken Hamilton's tutorial on building windows, maybe you or Ken could let me know the thread, I tried a search and keep getting timed out.

            I'm planning on building a couple for my structure challenge.

            Thanks guys,



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              The finish looks very good , and typical of little shops like that . :up:



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                Looks Great Ken! :up:


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                  Nah Ken,

                  I think you should spend at least 5 more hours working on the wall to get it right.

                  Seriously the wall looks excellent and I really like the 3-dimensional look on the faces of the brick and also some of the chipped bricks as this is what I would expect to see on an old brick wall.

                  The color is also very realistic and you certainly do great work in the larger scales. :up: :up:
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                    Ken, most excellent!


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                      Thanks everyone :up:

                      Steve, click on the Fotki link in Ken's posts. You'll find the window tutorial there.

                      Tim, yes I glued cardstock to the back. Otherwise the wall would be in twenty pieces by now.

                      Gee John...I'm just getting started
                      In memory of Mike Chambers


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                        Fantastic work Ken, I will definately be watching and learning from you, everything so far looks spot on.

                        Forgive my ignorance but does " 1/2" scale " mean 1/2" to the foot? I presume it does but I just want to make sure I'm not missing some thing, so that would make it 1/24? and therefore 1/4"scale would be 1/48 which is O scale? sorry for wandering off topic slightly.




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                          Great Wall of Marken. Nice color choice Ken, this is turning out very nice but I didn't expect any less of you.


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                            You mentioned earlier about Ken Hamilton's tutorial on building windows, maybe you or Ken could let me know the thread.


                            Here's the direct link, Steve. The How-To is in 1/24th scale but the concept can be applied to any scale. Let me know if you have any questions on anything:


                            Ken M: Color can make or break any kind of brick or stone work.

                            You really came up with some great results. Nice job!!
                            Ken Hamilton




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                              Thanks Ken, The only question I've got for you is...what's half of real small X real small



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                                Ken, I think you got the brick color just right. Great looking wall.