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  • Photo Shop Toutorial

    Hi Gentlemen,

    As promised here is a indepth toutorial of how to add back grounds to you oictures using photoshop.

    First for Terry, Jimmy, Ben, and all thre rest of you that mentioned the price of photoshop...Yes it's true the newer versions cost an arm and a leg however I use version 6.0.1 which I got off of the enternet for the low low price of FREEid="size6">.

    Step One:

    Open Photoshop with the picture you want to edit.

    Step Two:

    Then chose the "Lasso" buttom from the tool tray. this is the second one down on the left bank of the tray.

    Next begin to outline the areas you want to replace with the background.

    This tool works by first placing the end of the lasso where you want to start and then click left mouse once, then move to your next point and click again and continue this till you get back tho the starting point at which time there will be a little circle that appears at the bottom of the lasso by the point which means you have a completed left again and the out line will begin to move.

    Step Three:

    place the mouse inside the area you just lassoed and click the RIGHT button and then chose "FILL" then chose to fill with the back ground color.

    NOTE before you start set your back ground color to pink or any other bright color that is nowhere close to any colors in the original picture.. do this by right clicking on the back ground and selecting the colr you want.

    Continue this for the entire area(s) you want to replace.

    Step Four:

    Click on the "Magic Wand" button second down on right bank of tool bar.

    Then place mouse over any of the pink areas and right click then chose "color Range" an eye dropper will come up left click on the pink area to select pink and this will out line all the pink areas. (if for some reason it don't do all the pink then right click again and chose "Grow" or "Similar" till all the pink is out lined.

    Step Five:

    Now click on "File" then "Open" and chose the back ground picture you want to use.

    NOTEid="size6"> both pictures MUST be the same size in pixles to look right so use your photo resizing program to achive this before you start.

    Then click on the "Magic Wand" agin and right click in the middle of the picture and chose "Select All" this will out line the entire picture.

    Now click on "EDIT" and chose "Copy". Then click the "Minnimize" button and bring the original picture back up make sure the area in pink is still circled.

    Step Six:

    Click on "Edit" and chose "Paste Into"

    This will paste the back ground pictur behind the original with it showing through the original where the pink was.

    Step Seven:

    Now click on the first tool on the left side and

    then right click on the sky part of the picture you just pasted in and then chose "Free Transform" this will put a box around the sky picture.

    Now click and drag this box in any directions needed till the picture looks like you want it to look.

    When you get it were you want it click on the "Magic Wand" again and this will pop up a box click "Apply"

    Step Eight:

    Now you want to save the picture, do this by clicking "File" then chose "Svae As"


    Then chose a name for the new picture and then click the drop down for the "File Type" and click on JPG

    Then click "Save" and then a JPG Options box will appear I set the "quality to 10 and Max and click on the "Progressive" radio button and chose 5 scans.

    That's it in a nut shell it's pritty simple it just takes a little time to outline everything.

    My suggestion for the outlining is to make sure when you outline something that you go slightly inside of the object you are out lining that way you get non of the colors you are removing.

    Mike J

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    Admin's please make this a sticky to this forum and/or add to a toutorials forum if there is one.

    Mike J


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      Mike J

      Thanks for taking the time to make using Photo Shop actually understandable for us mere mortals.I plan on downloading the free version and learning how to use this software. Thanks again.

      Peter [:-kitty]


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        Thanks, you're tutorial is perfect - even a dummy like me can understand it. I'll be using this one for sure!!!! Thanks so much!

        D&B Lumber Co.

        "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"


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          Thanks a bunch , Mike .



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            Mike, thanks for the tutorial. There are so many ways to do things inside PS and I think that is why people believe its confusing.

            Good work


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              Thanks for taking the time to show us this Mike! It looks fairly easy. And I like the 'Free' version!


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                Exactly where did you get the 'free ' version ? Anywhere I googled had a 'free download ' that was free except for the money they wanted . It wasn't big bucks , but if I can get FREE as in $0 , I'll take it .



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                  Sorry Guy's after my wife read this she promptly smacked me up side the head and reminded me that we got photoshop free from one of her friends that deals with software and he had this copy and never used it so he gave it to us.

                  I remembered I did not pay anything for it so I assumed I must have gottenit off of shareware site.

                  Thanks for the compliments I hope this helps you figure out this program and I wait to see your creations.

                  Mike J


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                    Excellent tutorial. At our last NMRA Division Meet we had a presentation that had discussed this exact thing, and we got to see several before and after photo's. Taking the information from the meeting along with what was written here makes me want to see what I can do.

                    Thank you,


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                      Here's a link to get PhotoShop 3.4 for free. It's about 3/4 of the way down the page.




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                        Thanks Mike1

                        Anyone able to do this in CorelDraw etc.?


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                          John Kanakos asked Anyone able to do this in CorelDraw etc.?

                          CorelDraw is a vector program - Photoshop is a paint program. Both are high end of what they are and have a little overlap capabilities. However, CorelDraw is usually purchased as a suite which includes PhotoPaint which I have used but prefer Photoshop for this type work. I can't say for sure if you can do all with the Corel product.



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                            FWIW Corel now owns Paint Shop Pro, they have version 11 out now.


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                              You can log onto Corel newsgroups at in you news reader. Subscribe to those of interest.